20 Photos That Hilariously Capture The Messy (But Glorious) Reality Of Parenting.

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It's either buy new furniture or saving up for college.

A colleague who was a father told me while I was pregnant that the first years of parenthood are easy because children have yet to develop a personality and will do whatever you tell them to do. Looking back, I think this man was either playing a really cruel joke on me or he lied when he said he had kids. The reality is that our little bundles of joy come kicking and screaming with personalities all too ready to share with you and the rest of the world. Kids are funny and unpredictable. Lucky for us some parents have captured the perils of the childhood years. These moments were not staged but rather shown with unfiltered reality and humor. Someone else once told me to enjoy the chaos and love because before you know it our kids will be grown up. This advice I believe to be wholeheartedly true.


Can Spiderman clean up his own web?


This is how future tattoo artists perfect their craft.

When you say permanent marker, you don't really mean permanent?


What do you mean there is no romance in our relationship?


Daddy takes up too much room on the bed.


I'll entertain myself if you won't entertain me.

We have all secretly wished to sleep on an airplane aisle.

Branislav Mavrov

He will totally eat like this when he's a grown man as well.


Not so tough after all.

Are my cute, big, blue eyes enough to get me out of a time out?

The dog did it!


You play, I sleep with the best t-shirt ever made!


Mommy is playing while child is doing mommy's work.

Why? Just tell me why?

Daddy you look so pretty.


This is what our weekend alarm looks like.

Caroline Jarocki

We look so much alike daddy.


This way everyone gets to play.


What? They still don't play safe when they get older?!?!

Andrea O'Keeffe