Funny Parenting Memes That Perfectly Describe What It’s Like Having Kids.

Funny Parenting Memes That Perfectly Describe What It’s Like Having Kids. April 1, 2023Leave a comment

Only parents understand other parents’ pain. Parenting is not easy, everyone knows that. But you don’t understand how difficult parenting really is until you actually become a parent. Of course every child is different from the next, but all parents seem to end up with the same struggles. And it’s important for every parent to know that they’re not alone. We’ve compiled a list of some of the most relatable and hilarious parenting memes. If you’ve got a household of toddlers driving you nuts, see if you can relate to any of the memes below.Never underestimate a parent’s listening skills.

“You wanna look me straight in my eyes above my dark eye bags and say that one more time?”

They’re born evil, those little monsters.

An even worse present: drums.

T I learned that from experience.

I’m an adult and I tell myself “one more episode” and wake up the same way!

But it goes back to being sweet once they’re all grown up and call out saying “hey Mom.”

It’s almost impossible to get privacy when you’re a parent.

This comparison couldn’t be anymore accurate.

The look on her face says it all.

But don’t expect a whole night, because that’s not gonna happen.

The oldest one already knows better, and the middle one is too busy pouting to really care.

They only find out when they have kids of their own.

All wives should know that!

It’s not like they style their hair or put on any makeup.

But you get so tired out with everything you did, it almost seems impossible to give the second kid the same amount of effort.

That’s because daddy removed the batteries while you where sleeping.

But hopefully one day in the future, they’ll start taking care of you.

Talk about feeling extreme emotions in just two seconds.

Silence is almost always a bad sign.

Or the little one hasn’t thought of it yet.

Might as well bring the child along on your plans.

Going to the bathroom is a group activity once you have kids, hope you like an audience!

How do fashion-forward parents do it?!

Then trying to convince them to get out: “I don’t want to get out!”

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