Funny Photos That Prove There Are ONLY 2 Kinds Of People In The World.

Funny Photos That Prove There Are ONLY 2 Kinds Of People In The World. April 1, 2023Leave a comment

The world is filled with its opposites. Hot and cold, north and south, up and down, half full and half empty — the list goes on and on. This is especially true in people. Society is filled with clashing opinions and opposite personalities. It’s people of the opposite who usually argue and create the most conflict. But without conflict and differing perspectives, our human race would be pretty boring. Who wants to live in a world where each individual shares the exact same thoughts and personalities? We need polar opposites to give each individual different flavors. There are several “two kinds of people” but we’ve listed a few below. Which one are you?There are probably more people who click “Search” over “I’m Feeling Lucky” as most people only go to Google when they’re looking for a specific answer to something. Nonetheless, it’s the people who click the other option who are more on the spontaneous side.

Some people like their condiments cold and some like it at room temperature. It’s not like the back of the ketchup bottle instructs you on how to store it or anything (*cough* in the fridge).

Even though some people may claim they like both, everyone has a preference between the two even if it’s just a slight favoritism.

Many people will argue one way is correct and the other is incorrect. There is no official right or wrong way, it’s just preference really. There are pros and cons to both ways. For example, facing up makes the toilet paper easier to grab but facing down makes it harder for kids and/or cats to unravel the roll.

There are two commonly known approaches to eating an Oreo cookie. The first way is to eat it like how it’s advertised by deconstructing them. The second way is to eat it straight away like a normal cookie. Is there really a difference in taste? Who knows.

Some people like to spend their day in the sunshine and others in the moonlight. Although a person may not be able to help it, it seems early birds are much more productive as they spend their day during the time when all the stores and companies are open. How are you supposed to get all your errands done during a time when everything is closed?

Some might say this marks the difference between messy and/or impulsive people and restrained people. Or if you want to look at it from a simpler perspective, some people just like to dip and others don’t.

Ahhhh yes, the organized and systematic people versus the creative and intuitive ones. Many will think they’re a little bit of both. No matter what a person thinks, one side of the brain is more dominant for each person. So what type of brain rules your personality?

Serious people get the job done. Playful people live in the moment. It’s ok to be either or as long as you don’t take it to the extreme! Being too serious might cause your grief as you never enjoy life. Being too playful might take your life down a messy path.

Some get so excited for Christmas they start preparing and decorating months in advance. They wear Christmas sweaters and sing Christmas carols every day in December. Others just deny the very existence of the holiday.

If you don’t watch Star Wars, let me break it down for you. To be a jedi or sith simply means to be either good or evil. Plain and simple. Are you destined for good or evil in this world?

This doesn’t necessairly mean one has more money than the other. It just means one values food more. Even if a person had less funds than another, if food is their first priority, they’re going to prioritize their spendings on it!

There’s no meaningful symbolism behind this one. Either you like one flavor or the other. They’re both sweet and delicious!

People who squeeze toothpaste from the bottom of the tube are just people… with common sense! People who do otherwise… just don’t make any sense.

Ice cream lickers like to play it slow and safe. You know, like that one saying “slow and steady wins the race.” Ice cream biters, on the other hand, are wild. They’re daredevils that are down to do just about anything.

AKA the people who have the best selfies. These are the ones that look good even in candid photos! Unfortunately, I can’t say the same for the rest of us. We’re lucky if the we even look like ourselves in the photo.

This is a talent some lucky people are just born with. It’s not something that can be simply taught, either you can do it or not.

People who do check their emails constantly either have important emails they need to attend to everyday or simply just prefer not having a ginormous number in a bright red bubble on their phones. But you know, everyone’s different.

You can also call this light sleepers versus heavy sleepers. Sometimes one alarm just isn’t enough to wake a person up. To be honest, people who can wake up from just one are magical beings.

I still remember the days when Mac was barely starting out, and many people found the first Mac computer very weird. Low and behold, Mac has grown to be one of the most popular computer brands. Nonetheless, some still prefer the PC. Tech fanatics will have a field day if you ask them which one is better.

Even though every computer warns you every time, certain individuals just prefer to ignore the message and yank the USB out anyways. One day, it will bite them in the derriere.

This is another one of those taste bud preferences. Either you enjoy the flavor of coca-cola or pepsi more. However, it is possible some may prefer one over the other for marketing/advertising reasons. A person could prefer the way one of the brands is interpreted in the media over the other. In my opinion, they both taste the same.

Some people prefer to drink soup with their noodles while others like to eat the noodles by itself. Personally, I just like to eat soup on cold days or whenever I’m feeling ill. Is it just me?

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