Funny Photos That Proved Not All Kids Want Siblings.

Funny Photos That Proved Not All Kids Want Siblings. April 1, 2023Leave a comment

Having a new baby in the family is exciting. Unfortunately, not all members of the family will share the same feeling of excitement. For kids who are used to being the only child, they will now have to share their parents’ love and attention with someone else. For kids who are used to being the baby of the family, they now have to watch a new baby take their place and possibly become the middle child. Although many people love the idea of a new infant entering their lives, others see an uninvited stranger. Sibling rivalry is no joke! Just see the photos below to get an idea of what these kids must be feeling.He’s thinking about which toys he might want to share with the new one and which he needs to hide as quick as possible.

I guess he made his position clear to you.

“Where can I give it back or trade it in for a new bike?”

“The department of Family Planning” — I want to meet those parents.

“I told you, I wanted that new Playstation. Can’t you listen to me just for once?”

It’s always the middle child who has the most problems… so be careful.

That face really does say everything.

Let’s face it. Puppies are better than baby brothers.

That’s how life goes. Note the oldest one. She’s already looking sober, thinking about being responsible for yet one more of the brood.

Maybe she’ll grow to love him… one day?

Don’t worry kid, it’ll get better eventually.

Realizing you’re not the favorite anymore.

He’s not amused. Definitely not amused!

Aww, how sweet of a gesture is that?

“What did you say, when she’s leaving again?”

“Honey, the toddler is painting the baby. Should I take the pen?” – “Nevermind, take a picture!”

Those poor middle children… they should create an association or something.

“Wait? What? How is this even possible? What did you do?”

“You stole my throne. You piece of little s**t!”

This is pretty much what it feels like to hold someone else’s baby as a single person.

His face says it all. He’s like “I’m gonna eat this child.”

Did this make anyone else’s heart stop for a second?

“Are you serious? I told you, I don’t want another child in the house. Can’t you listen to me?”

Dear parents, don’t leave them alone for even a nanosecond!

Don’t worry little princess. You are the big sister and you can still make him wear dresses and everything.

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