Funny Wikipedia Edits That’ll Have You Rolling In Laughter.

Funny Wikipedia Edits That’ll Have You Rolling In Laughter. April 1, 2023Leave a comment

The best part about the Internet is its vast knowledge of everything. Whatever it is that you need to find the answer to, do research on, or just look up — you can find what you’re looking for on the World Wide Web. Unfortunately, because it’s so accessible to everyone, not all information posted online can be trusted. Wikipedia is a website that many people like to visit when finding information on certain topics or people. Wikipedia, however, can easily be edited by ANYONE. Now we’re not saying Wikipedia is entirely filled with lies. There’s a lot of good factual information on there! Nonetheless, online pranksters do like to slip in some alternative facts. Check out some of the funniest Wikipedia edits below. Be sure to check for the red underlines to see what was edited in each post!She is beyond embarrassment… but she certainly can carry a note or two.

The most simplistic description of what a drummer is… and it’s entirely spot on.

Ignore the long paragraphs and skip to the very bottom under the “See Also” suggestions.

This is brilliant. Getting suspended was well worth this.

Appointed by Barack Obama but became Trump’s sock puppet…. Something’s a little fishy.

Oh no, what are we supposed to do with our lives now?

So THAT’S what he looks like. Always wondered and now I know.

So does that mean she’s… Lucifer? What other angel has fallen out of the sky?

He probably was half and half at one time, before it caught up with him…

I wonder how many times he’s enlarged it by now.

All of the music notes are missing.

Now that… is a clear case of “original thinking.”

Looks like someone who should have never clicked on edit clicked on edit.

Wait what? Snakes are made of frog tubes? Or am I reading this in the wrong context.

I really hope all those slogans are real.

Accurate description of what the suspected pirates are doing, couldn’t have been said in any better words.

In all reality, reality is what you make it (in addition to all these great definitions).

Now Adam Boyd… has got the right idea! This was a brilliant plan (only because it worked).

Reading this one may make your brain hurt. Mission accomplished to this Wikipedia prankster.

Didn’t know thermodynamics and Fight Club had so much in common.

Now THIS is true sadness! What an unfortunate soul. Poor boy didn’t need to go through so much anguish at such a young age.

Yep, that totally makes sense. I would have the same demands if I had the same name as him.

So it appears, the lizard people are real. You’ve been warned!

Well, you can’t explain what writer’s block is better than this.

This one’s gotta be true. It’s the only explanation for her abilities.

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