Funny Yearbook Quotes Totally Worth Getting In Trouble For.

Funny Yearbook Quotes Totally Worth Getting In Trouble For. April 1, 2023Leave a comment

High school is a huge part of people’s lives. Not everyone enjoys it as much as others, but it’s definitely four years that you can’t just forget so easily. It’s where we transformed from teenagers to young adults. With that said, yearbooks at the end of a students senior year is quite important. It’s the last yearbook you’ll get for the school you spent the last four years of your life at. It’s what other students will remember you by. It’s because of these reasons that seniors shouldn’t take their yearbook quotes so lightly. Students should take their time and think hard before submitting a yearbook quote. These following students surely did. From clever to hilarious, these students thought of it all.And then you get there and realize everything you were fed were lies.

Only good friends notice small details like this.

But really, anyone could have been mistaken.

A single male yes, but a single mother?

Unless you’re okay with him knowing your secrets.

I would just block you but it’s always better going straight to the source.

It’s the type of time that can be really rare.

And in this situation, this mother definitely knew best.

Must be nice not ever having to experience one.

For those of you who don’t know html language, it translates into “copy” and “paste.”

But before you do, let me warn you now it’s a major TMI.

But at least we know he’s one independent dude.

Just remember can, not cannot.

Or was it just a hilarious coincidence? I hope these two photos were close to each other.

And she’s going to continue being a Ho for the rest of her life.

You make precautions to let people know you’re not actually that bad looking.

And then you ponder… were all those hours really worth it?

I’m assuming the “planned” one was the first one out.

Otherwise, I totally would have said something inappropriate.

This is how you get creative to come to the solution that you want.

Be sure not to get this guy coffee when he needs a pick-me-up.

The parents must be so proud.

But how sure are you about that? Have you conducted good research of your family tree?

So now that it’s all out in the open… can I see him?

And then you look at her name and realize how difficult the task might be.

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