This Guy’s Gamer Proposal Is What Geek Dreams Are Made Of.

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Guys can either choose to go with a traditional wedding proposal or up their game and make the event memorable. There are many ways to ask his other half to become his wife and partner in crime, whether it’s during a romantic dinner, a walk on the beach or by simply showing up at her doorsteps. Of course, the whole process must be nerve-wrecking. It’s not just enough to be in love, she has to be ready and 100% sure he is the one. Men have to be prepared for whatever the answer may be. It’s hard enough planning it for an intimate proposal, getting the family involved just adds to the pressure to make it romantic and fun for everyone. One guy recently had the task of proposing to his girlfriend. He chose a friendly family game night to do it. What may have started as a friendly competition turned out to be a moment his girlfriend will never forget.