Gamer Uses Call Of Duty To Get Sexy Pics From Girl Who Thinks Military Guys Are Hot.

Gamer Uses Call Of Duty To Get Sexy Pics From Girl Who Thinks Military Guys Are Hot. March 31, 2023Leave a comment

Guys are often criticized and even ridiculed for playing video games incessantly. It’s an addiction where the male species takes it a little too seriously. It’s worse for the person who has no idea that what you are doing is just a game not real life. But then again who doesn’t know what Call of Duty is?He admits that he was friends with a woman who was dating at the time. They chatted via text a couple of times.

He didn’t act out on his feelings but that doesn’t mean he didn’t care about her. She seemed to be getting flirty with him. Maybe this was his chance now.

Turns out the ex had been cheating on her for awhile. He didn’t cheat once, he was a repeat offender. She was done with that. The young woman seemed to have gotten life and fiction mixed up.

“I played the friend roll for awhile but i could tell she liked me. She was always flirting on text,” he wrote on Reddit. Things got heated when she shared she had just taken a shower.

Jokingly, he brought up his Call of Duty ranking. Clearly she confused that with the real military. She was impressed enough she sent a pic of herself out of the shower.

He was impressed with what he saw. She wanted to see his medals. In his defense, he was obviously joking about the game. He had no idea she really didn’t know about it before.

He did, however, screen captioned his standing in the game. He wasn’t kidding when he said it was high. After that, the woman realized he was never in the military and her texts have gone silent.

“I feel like she thinks I lied to her and now has not messaged me in days. I think I might have really blew my chance with her because of what I told her,” he wrote. “I decided to share this on Reddit since I obviously did something wrong. Should I try calling her again?” The common consensus is that he blew his chances and should just move on.

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