People Are Saying These Are The Funniest Animal Fails Ever.

People Are Saying These Are The Funniest Animal Fails Ever. January 13, 2019

Animals have always been impressive whenever it comes to instincts and senses. They can smell better, see farther and some can even run faster and jump higher. They can certainly do a lot of things better than humans. But the one really common factor that connects all animals and humans together is that they aren’t immune to looking silly every once in a while. However, it becomes even more camera worthy when the adorable creatures are caught up in their hilarious clumsy selves.Have a look for yourself and witness how funny these animals can be while attempting to do something a bit different.There’s no harm in being optimistic, but swimming in a puddle in a parking lot might be too nasty even for a goose. Car oil? Who knows what else? No thanks!

This little mouse has decided to take up wall climbing like Tom Cruise in the “Mission Impossible” movies. It appears that this tiny creature was so inspired that he decided on doing his own stunts. That’ll end well.

This must have been a hilarious encounter for the onlookers when this seal, completely engrossed in itself, suddenly smacked into the glass. It just comes to show you that too much fun can be very bad for you.

Bringing out the inner actor in itself, this feline looked hilariously amusing while doing a great impersonation of a cliffhanging scene gone wrong while losing its grip from the bed.

It would be quite difficult to say who won the fight but this definitely made a very amusing sight to see.

Now usually, these sea creatures are pretty majestic and gentle. But don’t you dare come between them and their food because their love for a good meal knows no bound.

Albeit chubby, this cute little hamster, which got stuck in the tube, looks too funny to not be captured on camera. But you can’t help but wonder where the heck he thought he was he headed or how he ended up in this compromising position.

Imagine your day being total crap, and to make things worse, a little birdie has decided to surprise you with an aerial bombardment of its own crap.

Looks like this lizard was unfortunate enough to have its tail chopped off, but being bugged by this cat would have been the last thing he needed, and he wasn’t going to go out without a fight. So the cat received a power packed and unexpected response in return and does not look happy about it.

Humans may be famous for slip and sliding across the ice or falling into a frozen lake when the ice cracks, but this deer could win a gold medal for slipping on the ice.