Genius Car Hack Using Socks And Cat Litter That Every Driver Needs To Know.

Genius Car Hack Using Socks And Cat Litter That Every Driver Needs To Know. March 31, 2023Leave a comment

Winter time is really beautiful, but it can definitely turn really dangerous for some. Roads get slippery, and people often get sick. Due to the roads icing over, there are a number of accidents every year which cost many lives.

But there was one woman determined to make a huge difference in the world with one incredible discovery. Her contribution will help keep a lot of people safe for many years to come. But what she used to create this device is definitely unreal.

No one can deny that being a mom is one of the toughest jobs in the world, but for Sofia, it really didn’t feel like that at all. Sofia was a total supermom.

She was such a natural, that she made motherhood seem like a total breeze. But one thing did often concern her: her children’s safety. Her concerns grew even stronger after a nerve-wracking event shattered her routine during a winter night in South Dakota.

The city of Aberdeen, South Dakota is one of America’s top ten coldest places to live in. And they earned that title for a reason. Temperatures average a max of 1.5 degrees Fahrenheit during the harshest, coldest months of the year.

Understandably, surviving these chilly winters is really difficult. But Sofia wasn’t faced by the extreme temperatures as she was used to living in this home town she loved so much. But everything changed one day. Sometimes, a rite of passage can be bittersweet.

Sofia’s oldest son was about to host his much-anticipated sweet sixteenth birthday party during the weekend. For any mother, this would be a bittersweet moment. For Sofia, it seemed like time just flew by.

But she was more than proud of the amazing young man he’d grown to be. Sofia and her husband had saved up for a long time to give their boy his very own car, which is something he’d always dreamed of. Sadly, this would turn out to be one big mistake.

The birthday bash was beyond epic. Sven, who’s Sofia’s son, was glistening with joy. But then it was time to unveil his birthday present. Sven was simply ecstatic when he saw the car.

He later took it out for a spin, but there was one problem. The car had been outside most of the day, and it was the middle of January, which meant there was a lot of condensation on the windshield. Still, Sven still went for a drive. When he was about to make a turn on one corner, he smashed into a telephone pole as his vision was impaired.

Thankfully, this story ends well, as Sven pulled through. He had broken his back, but fortunately, doctors were able to successfully operate on him.

His spinal nerve wasn’t damaged, which meant he’d be able to walk again after some intense months of physical therapy. Sofia was beyond grateful, but she was still thinking that things could’ve gone a lot worse. That’s when she started to devise a genius plan.

During the harsh winter mornings, Sofia would always get in her car and find her windscreen covered in condensation, which was more than typical in a town with such freezing temperatures. This was a constant reminder of her son’s dangerous accident. One day, Sofia had switched on her demister, but it shattered into tiny pieces because it was so frigid.

Luckily, it didn’t fall in, but it scared the bejesus out of her. She simply had to fix this problem. And that’s exactly what she was planning on doing!

She tested out every trick she could think of. She worked day and night to figure out how to make driving a car during the winter safer. Every now and then, she almost felt like giving up, and just staying indoors until the winter was over.

But she was determined to succeed. Morning after morning, she tried new tricks to get rid of condensation. Nothing was working so far. But then she remembered something her grandmother had told her in the past.

Her grandmother had told her an old story before, but Sofia barely remembered it. Grandma was old, but she was wise beyond her years and she knew a lot about cars.

Sofia joyfully remembered this as one of Nana’s old ramblings. But now she was trying hard to remember what her grandma had told her about cars. Finally, Sofia remembered a crucial portion of the story that’d change everything.

Sofia grandma used to say, “And when you see a sock on the dashboard.” She wasn’t truly convinced this would work, but Sofia still placed a sock on the dashboard. The next morning, she was beyond surprised. “Maybe it has to be on the outside,” Sofia told herself.

So she tried again the next day and placed two socks on the dash, outside of the car. Still, nothing happened the next morning. So what was she doing wrong. Sofia then picked up her beloved cat when all of a sudden, she finally remembered what grandma had actually told her.

“Kitty litter!” she yelled. Finally. She remembered what grandma used to say. To get rid of condensation, grandma used to tell Sofia that all you needed to do was fill an old sock with kitty litter. Then you’d leave it overnight and voila. Sofia immediately tried this out.

The next morning, she found a wonderful surprise. There was no condensation on her windscreen. She was beyond ecstatic. Now she needed everyone to know about this magical trick. Now, you’ll find many folks putting a sock on the dash. Plus, it’s super easy to do your own!

You just need a sock that isn’t filled with holes, and is in mint condition. Some masking tape, and a sack of clean kitty litter. If you can get the odorless kind, it’ll work even better.

After all, you don’t want your car to smell like a litter box. Then you need to pour the kitty litter inside the sock and stuff it all the way. Tape it up and seal it with the tape, so nothing falls out. But how does this super genius invention work?

Kitty litter is extremely absorbent, and any cat owner will fess to it. So when you place this product on the dashboard, it helps soak up the condensation and humidity that appears during the night.

This will save you a ton of time during the mornings, as you won’t have to defog the car. Who could’ve imagined something so simple was the solution to a major problem. Just some kitty litter and a sock makes the whole difference in the world.

But how does condensation work. This bizarre phenomenon occurs when the glass is really cold on one side, and really warm on the other side. It’s as simple as that.

That is why we often see condensation during the winter time. Typically, the outside is freezing cold, and so is your car. But when you jump in, you bring in your body’s warmth, resulting in windshields fogging up quickly. This phenomenon can cause some major accidents as it distorts your ability to see outside.

In South Dakota alone, fatal accidents have skyrocketed by up to 13%, which is truly scary. That’s one of the many reasons why we must be alert during this dangerous season.

Make sure to do everything in your power to stay safe. If you have an old sock lying around the house, fill it up with some kitty litter and place it on the dash. You never know if it might help you save a life, even yours.

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