Genius Customizes His Old Car, But The Alteration He Makes -Just Wait Till He Starts It.

Genius Customizes His Old Car, But The Alteration He Makes -Just Wait Till He Starts It. March 31, 2023Leave a comment

Car enthusiasts absolutely love putting extra special attention into their car. They’ll spend countless hours out making sure that everything on their vehicle is absolutely perfect. Whether that means they’re installing a sound system, adding some window tint, or just changing the oil, they’re hard earned money, and their time, goes straight into their favorite project. Keep scrolling to see how one car lover customized the one thing in his car that no one ever thinks about.It may not be the prettiest car out there, but Chris sure does love it. And he makes sure that he gives it plenty of attention.

“As a Volvo enthusiast for life, I am constantly seeking new ways to customize and improve my drive,” wrote Chris. But what sets him apart from any other car enthusiast out there?

Chris thought of an idea to customize something that most people just ignore. “I had the idea for a custom door chime many years back, and I finally made it a reality just a few days ago,” he said.

The sound module for the car’s door chime was located under the dashboard of his car. All he needed to do was get in there, unplug the stock door chime, and replace it with one of his own.

He honestly couldn’t have picked a better song to listen to every time he opens his door. You’re probably familiar with the tune “Africa” by Toto, right?

“This is a unique product that I would like to have the resources to make uniform and simple, so that it can easily be adapted to every vehicle,” wrote Chris.

**Because of technical limitations, Chris couldn’t play the actual song, but it sure is a great 8-bit version! Check it out!**

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