30 Genius Inventions You’ll Wish Were Everywhere, Especially #16.

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Movie theaters with bathroom stalls that know which movie you’re in so you don’t miss anything.

Hopefully we’ll start seeing these around soon.

Bean bag seats for the movies. This looks so cozy!

Traffic lights with a wait meter. I’d know how long I’ll be sitting there so I can answer that important text.

Orange you anticipating this?

A collapsable helmet. It’s like a Transformers device!

USB plugs in the power outlets. No more need for clunky adapters!

A nightlight on power outlets. I’ve tried many times to plug something in the dark… it’s kinda hard!

An extension chord wall outlet. Every house should have one of these, especially when vacuuming or ironing!

A tiny keychain GPS to help you find your lost keys.

A fresh pizza dispenser. This one is beyond genius! I’d totally buy a pizza from this!

A rotatable bench to roll the dry side up.

Rotatable power strips…

That are also extendable! I tip my hat to whoever thought of this one.

So simple and yet so ingenius. A coffee cup that catches drips.

Lights that indicate open spaces in a packed parking garage.

Slides on tall stairs. The perfect low-tech way to reach the bottom fast!

How to get everyone to stop littering. Imagine all the little kids that would actively find trash to shoot in!

If only this was available when I was in school.

A charger that uses heat or cold to charge your phone.

A solar panel specifically for charging your iPhone. I really like this one.

These were available at my college and they are super useful.

Paying for a train ticket with recyclable stuff like bottles.

A simple plastic hook to lift Pringles out of the can.

Segway through the mall while you shine the floor? Pretty nifty idea!

Yep, I’m already looking for this one on Amazon. Genius!

Headphone zipper that is impossible to tangle. Yes and yes!

Batteries you can recharge via USB.

This packing tape you’re going to want for shipping Christmas packages…

Because of how easy it is to open!

Non-clunky and ugly sidewalk bike racks.

Banana caution cones that really get the “slippery” message across!

Best of all, the revolutionary pizza carry pouch.