25 Next Level Solutions To Your Everyday Problems.

25 Next Level Solutions To Your Everyday Problems. February 22, 2019

People say the best way to come up with the next big thing is to think of a problem that you can solve. People usually get stumped at this point because they fail to recognize all the everyday problems most people have but never knew they needed to solve. There are a lot of things in life that we’ve grown so used to that we’ve never even given a thought to improving. But you’ll see down below that others have indeed come up with genius solutions to common everyday problems. From technology that allows you to watch a video that goes hand in hand with your homework to a gas station that you can enter without worrying which side your gas pump is on — check out the brilliant solutions below that have made a lot of lives easier.People can use this button when they don’t want anyone hearing them use the toilet. This is genius!

This comes in handy when your hands are full with groceries or if you want to avoid getting germs.

So the patients can keep themselves entertained during those boring appointments.

Now the store’s employees know which customers need help.

This way, you know whether your outfit can actually keep you warm.

The video is posted by the teacher and is related to the lesson that was taught.

Can they implement this at every park?! This is brilliant.

Now people have an incentive for recycling!

The annoying never-ending beep sound that goes off when you don’t put on your seatbelt is already pretty effective, but this one might be a game changer.

And if you bring it in, the late fee is a piece of cake!

No more accidentally highlighting words you didn’t mean to highlight! A great solution to a tiny problem.

You can also use it to clean your glasses!

So it goes from “OPEN” to “NOPE.” People are so witty, how did I never think of that?!

But let’s be honest, it goes from not ripe to overripe faster than you can eat it.

Now the streets have less cigarette butts littered on the ground everywhere!

Love that they added a hydrant to help the pup go a little faster.

Now kids have the option to stay active while they’re learning.

This way, it doesn’t matter which side your patrol cap is on.

Never thought that the letters were similar enough to manipulate in this way.

Vending machines being tipped causes more deaths than sharks each year, this could literally save lives.

Now this is what you call being a responsible and efficient biker.

This would also help squirrels and other rodents! You’ll be surprised how many frogs and/or chipmunks can accidentally drown in a swimming pool.

They simply rotate until there’s a new dry slat to sit on.

This must also help bags not get stolen!

Or that you can use as an emergency pack when the original roll is out!