Genius Wrapping Hacks For Those Awkwardly Shaped Gifts.

Genius Wrapping Hacks For Those Awkwardly Shaped Gifts. April 1, 2023Leave a comment

It can be difficult wrapping those oddly shaped items – stuffed animals or just about anything encased in plastic, for example – without ruining the holiday aesthetic. And so, many of us make last-minute trips to the local drugstore to pick up a few gift bags. And boy are they expensive – or worse, gone! I’ve also seen some people crumple their gifts into a curious ball. Nice try. Save yourself a bit of money and the embarrassment this year by using some of these clever tips by YouTuber DaveHax. With the exception of ribbon and tissue (you can always use leftover ones – that’s why I unwrap my gifts gently), you’ll probably already have these items lying around the house. Think paper towel rolls and paper cups. Perhaps you’ve tried some of these techniques on your own, but Dave adds the perfect finishing touches. **Check out his clever gift wrapping techniques below:**

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