Soldier Catches Girlfriend Cheating, But The Way He Found Out Blew His Mind.

Soldier Catches Girlfriend Cheating, But The Way He Found Out Blew His Mind. March 17, 2020

Not one person likes to be cheated on, but unfortunately, cheating is constantly the common cause of arguments and breakups. But cheating has different levels. A drunken one-night stand might be forgiven. But there are other acts of infidelity that are so unbelievable that there is no forgiving them.

Relationships aren’t exactly easy, especially when one of the people is in the military. It takes endless amounts of patience and sacrifice to make things work while you’re away and your loved one is home waiting for you. This young soldier believed that his bond with his girlfriend so strong that it would withstand anything. Unfortunately, he would be proven wrong.

The couple met one another while he was attending basic training in Rochester, New York. The girl was 18-years-old and a senior in high school, and he wasn’t much older than her. They began as friends, but it wasn’t long before he was falling in love. Fortunately, she felt the same way.

Their relationship quickly blossomed. When he was done with basic training, she was invited to attend his graduation. He believe he couldn’t be more happy. But because he would be deployed soon, his happiness would end. He asked her to wait for him to come home, and without hesitation, she said yes.

He was sent to South Korea, but he would talk to his girlfriend whenever he was able to, and they would Skype as much as they could. It seemed like she was extremely busy because she wasn’t online as much as he wanted her to be. But as long as she kept him up-to-date on what she was doing, he didn’t mind. Soon, it was time for her to go on spring break.

She told the soldier that she was planning a really fun spring break with two of her best friends, but they didn’t have enough money. He felt bad because he wanted to help her, but he was on a tight budget, too. But two days later, she told him some pretty exciting news.

She and her friends were able to find a temporary job in California, and that would pay them enough for their spring break. She didn’t give him any details, but she was really excited, so he was happy for her. His deployment would be done soon, so he was happy that he would finally be going home to see her.

The soldier finally got to go home. His first few weeks home were full of happiness, and he enjoyed every second he got to spend with her. Soon enough, though, he began to hear rumors about his girl. There were some people that said that the job his girlfriend had in California was a bit shadier than she let on. At first he let it go, but after awhile, he couldn’t deal with it anymore, and he confronted her.

The girlfriend continued to text and call the soldier, trying to get his forgiveness. One day, she asked him to borrow his car for a family emergency. He let up, and they began to have a discussion. He realized he loved her too much to give up, so he would give her anther chance. She promised him that she would never cheat on him again. Things were going good…for a little while.

Soon, it was time for the soldier to leave again. This time, he would be going to Scandinavia. He was obviously nervous about leaving, but he was hoping for the best as he flew to Europe. She became the perfect girlfriend while he was deployed. Even though they talked a lot, he couldn’t shake his uneasy feelings. He decided to brag on social media about his girl, in order to prove to himself that they were on the right track.

The soldier posted a picture of him and his girlfriend at his graduation on a message board, and bragged about her, calling himself an “alpha.” It wasn’t long before other people recognized that she was an adult film star. The soldier answered them, saying that it was just the one time. Then he found out something that rocked his world.

The people that recognized her posted the video footage of his girlfriend. They didn’t believe him when he said it was a one-time thing, considering there were two different videos, that were taken months apart. One of the videos even showed his girlfriend wearing the same clothes that she wore to his graduation. He was done.

Once again, the soldier went on Skype to confront her. He was surprised when she didn’t deny it. In fact, she admitted to the second video, and even said she cheated on him with almost 60 different men. He was devastated and told her to never contact him again. The pain began to heal after time, but as soon as he saw the chance to get her back, he didn’t hesitate.

The soldier found out that his ex-girlfriend had gotten a job working at a daycare center in the town of Webster, called Toddler’s Workshop. He sent the owner an anonymous email revealing her shady past. He soon heard from a friend that the employers told her to remove the photos, or lose her job.

Even though she attempted to get GDP to remove her videos, they had the legal rights to them, so they refused to take them down. She eventually got fired from the job. She never did find out that he was the one who told on her, but she never made contact with him again. Not even when he got home from deployment. Let’s just hope that she learned her lesson and won’t test karma again.

She tried avoiding the subject when he asked her what she did in California. He wouldn’t let it go, so she eventually admitted it. She had done an adult film for a website called GDP. She began to cry and said that she had only done it for the money. She said she loved him and didn’t want him to leave her. The soldier was heartbroken with no ideas about what to do.