Dad Turns His Son’s Wheelchair Into 2016’s Best Halloween Costume.

Dad Turns His Son’s Wheelchair Into 2016’s Best Halloween Costume. October 22, 2018

There is always that one kid every Halloween who has an epic costume. The one that didn’t take a day to make or could just be bought at the store. For Ryan Scott Miller, it’s not just about the costume for his son Jeremy. The father from Murrieta, California also outfits his son’s wheelchair to match the costume’s theme. 9-year-old Jeremy was born with spina bifida and relies on his wheelchair to get around. In the last couple of years Jeremy has gone as a Jedi in a Snowspeeder, Batman in the Batmobile, and Captain America on a motorcycle. This year, the family put the costume option up to a family vote. Afterwards, Miller spent a month and a half working out every detail from a satellite dish, roof rack, ladder, siren, and a warning light.Jeremy loves Ghostbusters so much he has watched the three movies as well as the cartoon series.

->**”He loves the music, he loves that it’s a comedy with some pretty cool gadgets and adventure,” says Miller.**<-

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“There were so many challenging parts to this costume, which is part of the fun, but by far getting the curve of the body was the hardest part,” says Miller. “We had a couple of failed attempts until we got it right.”

The Ecto-1 replica also played the film’s iconic Ghostbuster song.

The family plans to have a blow-up marshmallow man follow Ryan around while the theme song plays.

->**Miller admits the family loves that their creations make other people smile.**<-