They Cut Open A DEAD Anaconda, What They Found Inside… NO WAY!

They Cut Open A DEAD Anaconda, What They Found Inside… NO WAY! May 6, 2018

By now, you’re probably well aware of the danger that is the anaconda. While most of us will fortunately avoid one-on-one contact with the world’s largest snakes in our lifetime, some unfortunate creatures will have to cross their paths. This is what happened when one such unfortunate creature did exactly that. Discovered by fishermen, one dead anaconda had a bulging stomach, as if it had just eaten its last meal. The fishermen were curious, so they cut him open. Let’s just say that what they found in side was the most unlucky reptile on the planet.They’re the largest snakes on the planet, and they can be incredibly dangerous.

Videos like this show just how deadly they can really be.

Here’s the story: Fishermen found this anaconda dead in a river. They knew that something was inside of it.

It turns out this snake had actually eaten another snake.

As you can see, the dead anaconda basically swallowed his pal whole.

It’s one of those things that you can’t quite comprehend unless you see it with your own eyes.

The fishermen decided to carefully remove the interior snake from the dead one.

They used a wooden stick to remove the dead second snake.

But we guess someone has to do it.

This snake actually served as the other dead snake’s last meal.

I don’t know about you, but this doesn’t look like an ideal last meal to me.

Who knew that the anaconda would even prove to be dangerous for other snakes?

Last year, American naturalist Paul Rosolie filmed himself getting eaten by an anaconda for a television stunt aired on the Discovery Channel.

Rosolie’s quickly realized the mistake he’d made and stopped the stunt before the anaconda crushed his arm.

These images just further prove that you should stay as far away from anacondas as humanly possible.

They clearly have no problem turning on their own kind, and that’s just not cool.

We suppose this anaconda could have squeezed his prey to death before eating it.

No matter what happened between these two, it just wasn’t pretty.

But it looks like they both got the short end of the stick.

One has to wonder: Did the these two snakes duke it out, with only one becoming the victor?