Owl Recognizes The Man Who Saved Her And Gives Him INSTANT Cuddles.

Owl Recognizes The Man Who Saved Her And Gives Him INSTANT Cuddles. June 8, 2018

Wild at Heart rescue is a nonprofit wildlife rehabilitation center in Mississippi. The small team works with general public and law enforcement officials to help rehabilitate and release injured, sick, or orphaned wildlife in their local area. Their latest story? Gigi, the Great Horned Owl, who repaid one of her rescuers with hugs. GiGi arrived at the facilities toward the end of May. She survived a hit by car incident, but suffered significant head trauma. In addition to her massive concussion, her body was filled with parasites and aspergillosis, an acute or chronic respiratory condition caused by fungus (the birds that contract it are usually under stress). Just how critical was GiGi’s state? She’d lost one pound, a shocking rate for the great horned owl, a species that averages between 2-5 pounds. Led by Missy Dubuisson, founder and director of Wild at Heart, and Douglas Pojeky, president and resident “birds of prey whisperer,” the rescue is helping GiGi get back to her original state. During her stay, Pojeky had left on a family trip during, but once he returned, the great horned owl extended her wings to give him a hug. After she recovers, Gigi will be released back into the wild. Scroll below for photos of their amazing journey.

->**To catch a glimpse of the work that they do at Wild at Heart, watch the video below:**<-