Girl Breaks Her Neck While Trying To Twerk Doing A Headstand.

Girl Breaks Her Neck While Trying To Twerk Doing A Headstand. March 31, 2023Leave a comment

People find all ways to make their videos go viral, but in some cases, they take things to the extreme and wind up seriously injured or worse. In this instance, all one girl wanted to do was to impress a crowd at a club by doing a bit of twerking on a headstand, but it’s not as easy as it looks. What happened next was so graphic that you have to see to believe, but let’s just say she won’t be twerking anymore.Who knows? It could even help you land a date, but unfortunately, for one girl, it’s possible that her killer moves might have ended up putting her in the morgue.

Clearly, if you’re going to twerk you have to go barefoot, wear a bandana, and have a stronger neck and spine to support you. Oh! Too bad she didn’t have the last two.

The last thing anyone expected was for their video to go viral, but for all the wrong reasons, cause disaster was just waiting to happen.

There’s no way to know if she had ever done this before, but clearly, she struggled to find her balance at the very beginning and it doesn’t look like she found it.

So, as she managed to stabilize her pose, she began to raise her legs like a professional dancer, and higher and higher they went.

She certainly appeared to have a handle on things, but she probably could have used some lessons first before trying this at a club with so many people watching.

You just get into a squat position, pop your backside outward as if you’ve about to go number 2 and then shake it up and down, right and left, while keeping your upper half of your body stable.

But headstand twerking seems a whole lot more complicated, and you clearly need lots of concentration to hold yourself up while trying to shake your backside.

Halfway through her technique, you start to notice that she’s rolling over in a rather uncomfortable way, which is clearly putting way too much pressure on her neck.

It looks absolutely gruesome and we’re surprised no one ran up on stage and tried to steady her before she rolled over completely.

But as the shock crowd watches helplessly, the girl continues to roll over and then falls flat on her back seemingly motionless.

After all, the girl is just lying there on the floor without moving. She could have suffered permanent paralysis or worse. She could have lost her life.

But if you watch the video closely, you’ll notice in the last few moments that the girl gets up, which suggests that she’s not only alive but that she could still walk. Crisis averted!

**Click play to watch as a girl goes snap, crackle and pop on a night club’s dance floor after attempting a dangerous headstand twerk.**

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