Schoolgirl Died After She Sprayed Too Much Deodorant On Her Body.

Schoolgirl Died After She Sprayed Too Much Deodorant On Her Body. April 8, 2019

Life is so unpredictable, you’ll never know what to expect. If one isn’t careful of their surroundings, they can unintentionally harm themselves. Paige Daughtry was a 12-year-old schoolgirl who was very peculiar about her personal hygiene. She would reportedly spray herself with under-arm body spray over and over because she didn’t want to smell. Little did she know, that same body spray would harm her more than she could ever imagine. Paige’s mother was left stunned when she found her daughter laying unconscious on her bed in a holiday caravan. Her mother was even more shocked, however, when she found out the cause of death.After their 12-year-old daughter passed away from using too much of a common product, the Daughtry family was left shocked.

Paige Daughtry was a “bright and talented” student at Royton and Crompton School in Oldham, Greater Machester. She was aspiring a career in art or music.

At the start of summer vacation, she was staying at the Cala Gran holiday park with her parents Stuart and Ann and her older sister Catherine.

Paige would use under-arm body spray as if “it was going out of fashion” to ensure her personal hygiene.

It is believed that Paige overused the product in her room. Because of this, the fumes from the aerosol that contained butane and isobutane caused her to pass out on her bed while she was listening to music.

“I shouted, there was no response, I went in and sought assistance. I was screaming at the top of my lungs, trying to pull her off her the bed and phone 999,” said Paige’s mother.

The mother found Paige passed out on her bed in a caravan that they were renting in Fleetwood, near Blackpool, in Lancashire.

Before the paramedics arrived to take Paige to Blackpool Victoria Hospital, two holiday-makers from the neighboring caravans rushed over to help with CPR.

Unfortunately, despite the multiple attempts to save Paige, she wound up passing away two hours later.

When the police came to the scene on July 18th to investigate the tragedy, they discovered an empty can of deodorant lying on the grass close to where Paige was found.

The conclusion as to how Paige exactly died, however, has left a little bit of doubt.

According to Dr. Jonathan Metcalfe, a forensic pathologist, “inhalation of volatile substances” was Paige’s cause of death.

“Analysis of brain samples revealed two substances present in aerosols – they are known as volatile substances.”

These particular substances are known to be present in deodorant which was also present at the scene.

“Their presence is consistent with inhalation. Death may result from the toxicological effects.”

The two substances are butane and isobutane. Other than these volatile substances, there was no natural disease that that played part to her death.

There was also no evidence of chronic use from Paige. This meant that she wasn’t intentionally inhaling in the fumes of the deodorant.

According to Paige’s mother, Paige would spend several hours in the bedroom and “spray and spray” to ensure that she didn’t smell.

“She used to spray it in small rooms and I used to tell her off. I suppose that’s something every 12-year-old girl would do, spraying deodorant,” said Mrs. Daughtry.

“But she was overusing deodorant — it was more than we would have expected any girl to put on.”

Paige’s grandfather, John Delaney, described Paige as a “beautiful” and “happy-go-lucky” child in a statement at the time of her death.

“We can’t describe how we felt, our hearts have been broken, there is nothing more I can say, except a part of us has been ripped away from us,” said her grandfather.

The coroner, Alan Wilson, said, “This is the unintentional consequences of a deliberate act. Paige was inhaling the fumes from the deodorant but what she didn’t [intend] is the consequences.”

According to Wilson, it is most likely that Paige’s heart rhythm was affected by the inhaling of those fumes which ultimately led to her death.

“Paige is sadly missed by friends and family. We are all still in shock and grieving for a loving, loyal friend, daughter, sister and granddaughter,” said a family member.