Girl Steps In To Help Her Boyfriend Fight And She Ends Up Beating Him.

Girl Steps In To Help Her Boyfriend Fight And She Ends Up Beating Him. August 3, 2019

Teen fights happen all the time. The reason can be petty ones like giving someone a dirty look or mistakenly bumping into the other person. Not much is required for these encounters to escalate. The reality is that nowadays, hitting the record button and loading a video to a social media platform is all you need for the world to see how things are played out. At least there is no way either party can boast or make-up how a fight went down.Instead of enjoying the beautiful weather or just walking away, they chose to fight each other. It is clear one of the teens is taller and filled out more than the other.

While the shirtless teen looked uneasy and scared. You could hear other teens in the background hoping for an epic takedown.

In fact, he took some pretty loud hits to the face. The teen in the tank top was being encouraged by his friends to do serious damage.

This teen girl walked up to the boy in the tank top. “Are you going to hit me?” she asked.

He said “because you’re a girl.” This was all the green light she needed to go after him.

“Izabella, quit it,” a female voice can be heard in the background. Nonetheless, the teen girl continued to go after the teen boy.

You can hear a girl, it’s appears to be the same one asking Izabella to stop, advice him on what to do. “You can hit her if she hits you,” the voice says.

He puts his hands up to show her he will not be hitting her. This does not deter her, however, of going after him.

He also tries to explain to her, “I have a beef with your boyfriend.” Which brings up the obvious question.

Either way you look at it, this does not look on him. If this teen was the type of guy who would have struck a girl back, he just walked away and exposed her to getting hit.

This meant she was fighting his fight. Which is unfair since the teen in the tank top told her specifically he wouldn’t hit a girl.

Shirtless guy not so much. And this teen girl is taking advantage of this boy’s position not to hit her.

At this point her boyfriend returns. He keeps his arms close to his chest. The tanked top teen now has to watch himself from the girl and the boy.

“Izabella!” her friend screams. “Let them fight.” Instead she grabs him by the collar, hitting and kicking him in the process.

Izabella continues to hit him in the face. He does not attempt to hold her down to stop the beating.

He takes advantage of his rival being down to hit him. That’s when other teens react and call what he did a “cheap shot.”

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