Girl Forces Boyfriend To Pick Her Or The Dog, And Gets What’s Coming To Her.

Girl Forces Boyfriend To Pick Her Or The Dog, And Gets What’s Coming To Her. March 31, 2023Leave a comment

It’s not an easy task to have to rehome your lifelong pet. One man’s girlfriend told him that he needed to rehome his dog, and you won’t believe his response.

This man was forced to make the hardest decision of his life. His girlfriend of many years demanded that he get rid of his beloved dog. Even though he had been in a relationship with her for a long time he didn’t hesitate to make his mind up. He was undeniably in love with her, so he immediately put an ad up on Craigslist. But it seemed that nobody would take his ad seriously.

The mischievous little pup of this story is named Molly. Molly is a beautiful beagle, but her favorite human’s partner absolutely didn’t like her. Even though she is incredibly adorable, there may be a bit more to the story. But could she have been so naughty that someone would want to get rid of her? Yes, apparently so. They may be extremely cute, but beagles have their own way of doing things.

Anyone who has a beagle can agree that beagles can be a bit tough to handle at times. They’re unbelievably loving, but they’re a lot of work. Due to the fact that they’re hounds, they’re quite stubborn, which can make it difficult to train them. They also have an incredible amount of energy, which isn’t for everyone. But not all beagles are the same. So why was Molly’s owner forced to choose? Some people wondered if he was blind to his dog’s behavior.

When Molly first came home, her owner noticed she was a bit different. She had endless amounts of energy and was always excited. He just assumed that her behavior was due to her being a puppy, but maybe he just didn’t understand the nature of a beagle. Four years ago everything began to change when his girlfriend came into his life. If the girlfriend knew Molly for so long, then why did she wait four years to give the ultimatum?

From their very first interaction, Molly and the girlfriend had problems. Molly’s human absolutely adored her. He figured that his new girlfriend may not have been an animal person, but her distaste for Molly went a bit deeper. The new lady started to be annoyed about his love for Molly. She hated being second to Molly. That’s when she started to form a plan to get rid of the little pup.

Molly’s owner couldn’t stand that his new girlfriend had a problem with Molly, so he decided that he would just have to prove how amazing Molly really was. After all, how could anyone not love her? He started doing things with his girlfriend that Molly could be involved with, as well. But it still didn’t work. In order to keep his girlfriend happy, he decided to make a huge commitment.

Spontaneously, the couple decided that it was time for them to move in with each other. Well, the girlfriend though it was spontaneous. Molly’s human did everything he could to try to keep the peace, so he decided to put both of his girls under one roof so he could put them both first. Unfortunately, that was the worst thing he could’ve done. As soon as his girlfriend said that Molly had to go, he didn’t hesitate. But he changed things up a bit.

Molly’s adorable nature finally won a place in the heart of the girlfriend, but not for long. Once in awhile, the girlfriend would find herself liking Molly. She became horrified because she couldn’t be second best to anyone, and especially not a dog. But she figured she could attempt to deal with Molly for a little while, until something happened.

The girlfriend eventually cracked. She tried to keep up with the rivalry, but she couldn’t take it anymore. It seemed like Molly was treated better in every way, so she had to do something about it. She had to be the only lady in her boyfriend’s life. And Molly was insane! She was way too hyper, so the girlfriend made a desperate move. Something that would absolutely shock Molly’s human.

After a while, the girlfriend was left with no options. She gave her boyfriend an ultimatum. She said it was her or the dog. The man was devastated. He couldn’t believe that she hated Molly that much and it broke his heart. But he knew exactly what to do. He jumped on the Internet, and without hesitation, made an ad on Craigslist. For some reason, after he posted it, the ad went viral.

In a twist of fate, the man published his ad. It looks like your typical pet rehoming ad, but things get a bit interesting from there. Throughout the ad the man put little hints: “Will NEVER … give you unconditional love when you’re down.” He finished the ad off with, “So… anyone interested in my 30-year-old, selfish, wicked, gold-digging girlfriend? Come and get her! Me and my dog want her rehomed ASAP!”

The couple went viral as soon as the ad was posted on Craigslist. Well, Molly and her owner went viral. And what about the girlfriend? She’s definitely out of the picture. We’re sure the man doesn’t have any regrets. It doesn’t matter if you like their dog or not, it isn’t fair to ask your partner to get rid of their furbaby. To be honest, more often than not, that person is going to choose their animal. This funny ad was a huge hit online, and it’s easy to see why!

Throughout the entire ad, Molly’s human dropped little hints that showed he had no intentions of getting rid of Molly. He said things like, “she only eats the most expensive food,” and “… but loves getting her nails done.” ‘This girlfriend’s horrible ultimatum had the Internet falling out of their seats. People couldn’t read it enough. Molly’s owner received an incredible amount of support, and some comments were just downright hilarious.

Her owner’s witty sense of humor gained Molly a bit of Internet fame! People couldn’t get enough of her. It soon went viral on Reddit, Imgur, and other huge social media platforms. People were praising Molly’s owner for not giving up on her. One commenter said, “Girlfriends come and go, but babies stay forever.” So what’s next for Molly and her human? Now that they’re famous, who knows. But there is one thing that’s for certain.

Luckily for Molly, there are only things in her future. No one is sure what happened to the 30-year-old gold digger, but she sure didn’t stick around after the ad was placed on Craigslist. Molly;s owner did add another comment to his ad: “Sorry but she has been re-homed. Original breeders (her parents) have taken her back. Molly and I are looking for a new one.”

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