THAT Spice Girl’s Song Was Remade To Empower A New Generation Of Women.

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It's hard to believe that the Spice Girls made their way to the top of the international pop music scene nearly two decades ago, empowering women to ask more from their men with the hit single, "Wannabe." Now, that same song is being used to fight for women's rights worldwide, and the video is absolutely epic. Created in support of the charity The Global Goals, the video features women and girls dancing through streets, schools, and workplaces around the world, drawing attention to things like child marriage, equal pay, and domestic violence. It's all part of their #WhatIReallyReallyWant campaign, the video asking "What do you really really want for girls and women?" Former Spice Girls Victoria Beckham and Melanie Chisholm endorsed the slick production. "20 years on -- Girl Power being used to empower a new generation. I'm so proud of The Global Goals," Beckham wrote on her Facebook page. It's making a big impact, too -- the video got over 28 million views in just 24 hours. See it in full below.