Girl Put A Doll’s Eye Into Her Own Eye Socket, Regretted It Immediately.

Girl Put A Doll’s Eye Into Her Own Eye Socket, Regretted It Immediately. March 31, 2023Leave a comment

Some people will do anything in the name of fashion. That can range from frying their hair colouring, losing eyelashes by gluing fake ones on, or even looking like BBQ meat from self tanning lotions. Most of these missteps are done with intentions to give yourself a new look, keep up with the door-revolving trends. Nonetheless, beauty and fashion should never be replaced with common sense.These were further complemented by the doll’s long and full eyelashes.

A girl in Brazil, however, may not have been made aware of these contact lenses.

She then inserted the plastic piece into her own eye socket.

This is when she had to inform her mother she had a piece of plastic covering her eye.

She is 11 years old.

She wanted to have blue eyes.

Raíssa is seen weeping in the clip, trying to pull her eyelid down in the hopes the eye piece pops out.

“Bad idea for child to put in a doll eye. Look what happened to my daughter,” the mom warned.

It prompted some less than kind comments towards the child.

Many couldn’t help but wonder what went through this girl’s mind to do such a dangerous thing.

In reality, doll’s eyes are hollow and have a crescent shape.

How long it took her to pop the fake eye inside her eye socket is unclear.

Only to give up in tears.

She also asks her daughter why she is crying.

There are several attempts to remove this doll eye as Raíssa whimpers.

There was a rustle of relief as the girl wiped the tears out of her eyes.

Many questioned why the mom was busy filming the whole process rather than focusing on helping her daughter.

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