Girl Sees Soldier-Dad For The First Time In 18 Months, By 1:15 I Was Bawling.

Girl Sees Soldier-Dad For The First Time In 18 Months, By 1:15 I Was Bawling. April 1, 2023Leave a comment

Civilians never really know the sacrifice soldiers and their families make for their country. For the service men and women, it is missed birthdays, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and time away from the people they love the most. The families waiting for their loved ones to return, also sacrifice the things we take for granted like births, baby’s first step, extracurricular activities, and having dinner together every night. Hailey is a teen from Bingham, Missouri. She loves watching YouTube videos of surprised reunions between service people and their families, maybe because she saw herself and her father in them.He has been an army veteran for 15 years.

“Haley has gone through tons of sacrifice,” Webb says.

Webb and the staff at the Bingham Middle School, worked in secret together.

The eight grader who plays in the school band was chosen to read the guest’s bio.

The further she read the man’s credential, she realized it was her father.

The father gets emotional when he realizes how much time he has missed.

He kept asking her if she was surprised.

She felt like Christmas came early for her.

They are present in countries like Iraq, Japan, Philippines, Germany, and Italy.

“I didn’t even see the introduction until Mr. Playter (school principal) gave it to me at the assembly. I read it and it said, ‘Sgt. First Class.’ And my father is a Sgt. First Class,” Hailey recalls. “And I kept reading and I knew it was about him, but I didn’t think he had enough leave to come home.”

->**Watch this emotional father-daughter reunion.**<-

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