Girl Throws Friend Out Of Car After She Messed With Her Man (Video).

Girl Throws Friend Out Of Car After She Messed With Her Man (Video). April 1, 2023Leave a comment

Personal conflicts should be settled in private. It’s never a good idea to air out your dirty laundry for everyone else to see. Unfortunately, these types of situations cannot always be avoided. In the heat of the moment, certain people can’t help but to be confrontational — especially if they’re filled with rage. That’s exactly what the woman in this video was: enraged. So enraged that she threw her friend out of her car and began aggressively throwing punches at her.The car makes its way through street traffic.

The doors of the car are open on both the driver’s and passenger’s side.

If you look closely enough, you can see a woman literally throwing another woman out of the driver’s seat.

As she laid there vulnerable, the other woman proceeded to throw punches at her.

There, you can see the woman becoming more and more aggressive with her punches.

Completely unfazed by her surroundings, the woman continues beating the other woman over and over.

At which point, a stranger from across the street yells back “whoop that hoe.”

Supposedly the woman threw her friend out of the car and began hitting her because she was messing with her man.

Where did their shoes go? Are they in the car?

She kicked the woman before finally ending the beat down.

Perhaps this was done in hopes of the woman stopping her violence.

And the woman who took the beating was finally standing up on her own two feet.

All while the other woman was left to walk to wherever her destination was.

**Watch the whole video and beat down for yourself in the video below.**

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