Girl’s Weave Got Stuck In Go-Kart, But She Refused To Let Anyone Cut It.

Girl’s Weave Got Stuck In Go-Kart, But She Refused To Let Anyone Cut It. April 1, 2023Leave a comment

A weave is like a double edged sword! It can make you look real pretty, but it can also be used against you as an instrument of pain and destruction… your destruction. But it’s not always a fight that can get your weave pulled. Sometimes, it can be something unexpected like a go-kart engine. Getting your weave done isn’t always easy to endure and certainly not cheap either, especially if you want it done right. So it makes perfect sense why some women will go to any lengths to protect it from getting damaged, even at the risk of their own well being.This happened as she tried to prevent someone from cutting her weave which is often woven or glued into the hair from the track.

No wonder she tried so hard to save her faux hair! But sometimes you have to learn to let things go for your own good.

It’s just as well that this happened, she probably would have gotten it snatched off in a fight down the line.

Someone would have had to disassemble the entire engine, and they would have probably needed a mechanic to get that done.

Ouch! That looks absolutely painful. It would have just been easier to have one of her friends cut the strands out to avoid getting scalped or turning the go-kart into a permanent pillow.

It would have just been a medium section of the weave that needed to get cut to free her. Then she could have gone to a salon and gotten it repaired.

But to say that it was her hair isn’t exactly true. Just think about it! It’s a weave. There’s nothing real about it.

She didn’t exactly go looking for trouble. It was more like trouble found her. This could have happened to anyone who was sporting a weave.

There may not have been blood but there was certainly plenty of crying from the woman who was stuck in this predicament.

One person suggested that they had to cut it off or call the fire department to help her out because despite all the pulling, nothing was working.

He even accused her of threatening him and warned her to stop.

Everyone seems to have an opinion, right?

Everyone for the most part seemed to find it funny that she got her weave caught in an engine.

But they probably wouldn’t be laughing so hard if it happened to someone they knew. Plus, weaves are expensive, so before you claim “it’s just hair,” go on Amazon and check out the whooping price of a front-lace or half-head weave. Yowza, look at that!

**Click on the video and prepare to twitch with sympathy as people try to get this woman’s weave unstuck from furious jaws of a go-kart engine.**

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