23 Struggles That Everyone Who Wore Glasses As A Kid Will Remember.

23 Struggles That Everyone Who Wore Glasses As A Kid Will Remember. July 27, 2018

Not everyone is blessed with perfect 20/20 eye vision, unfortunately. It sucks that certain people have to spend so much on prescribed glasses and/or contacts. Whether you were born with poor eye vision, or your eye vision started slowly getting worse as you grew up — being told that you need glasses is always a little painful to grasp. At least if you developed poor eye vision, you used to know what life was like seeing the world perfectly fine without the aid of glasses. If you’re born with it, however, life was literally a blur before you owned your first pair of glasses. Living this kind of life is not easy, it comes with various struggles. If you grew up with glasses or even started wearing them later on, these struggles will definitely relate.Newsflash, the person still has two eyes.

If only they invented windshield wipers for your glasses.

And you’re over here just like, alright guys.

And you have to get creative with the placement of your glasses so it doesn’t hurt your ears.

Is that person going to pay for your prescribed contacts?

But life after glasses is like being brought to a whole different dimension.

No, you can’t try them on. Yes, I’m blind. You look different as well. I don’t care how many fingers you’re holding. You look better with my glasses off.

Don’t you dare snoop at what he or she is texting!

And it looks like you just came out of a sauna.

Because you have to not only swipe your regular sweat but also the sweat from your glasses.

Might also have to do with short term memory loss.

And pat down everywhere with your hands.

Someone find help, ASAP!

And they ask you to do the impossible.

How much more rude can a person be?

When really, it’s annoying and outplayed.

But your goggle glasses prevent you from doing so.

And you start to panic.

I mean seriously, who enjoys getting their eyes puffed into?

A shirt is good enough!

Or otherwise this will happen.

So you get creative and do what you gotta do.