15 Of The World’s Most Expensive Meals… Check Out The $25,000 Dessert.

15 Of The World’s Most Expensive Meals… Check Out The $25,000 Dessert. January 11, 2018

Forget saving up for your next trip this year. If you want try something completely new, how about going for a high-priced, extravagant dinner or dessert? You don’t need to be an expert to appreciate delicious foods, you may just need to make sure your wallet is filled with cash, a lot of cash. When it comes to creating rich and unique dishes, it seems that edible gold is the standard. We have found the most expensive foods in the world. It’s hard to say how delicious each plate is, or just how full one will be when finished eating; but if one can afford to pay $100 for a plate of pasta, ordering dessert may not be a concern.What do you get a bacon lover who has everything? How about a 23-karat, gold-dusted strip of bacon, covered in rich dark chocolate. Baconery offers this unusual treat at a mere $39.99 a strip. You know you won’t buy just one.

French pastry shop Ladurée joined forces with the luxury label Marni to create macaroons that fuse food with fashion. Every bite-sized morsel is created with high-end ingredients and to top it all off, each macaroon is covered with edible gold sheets.

If you have a few hundred dollar bills in your wallet you don’t know what to do with, try 666 Burger’s priciest creation: the Douche burger. The patty is made of Kobe beef and covered in gold leaf. The burger also features Gruyere cheese, a special BBQ sauce, rock salt from the Himalayas, caviar, foie gras, lobster, and truffles. It may be a major faux pas to ask for ketchup or pickles.

In 2007, the regular bagel received a makeover. Chef Frank Tujague made this New York staple into a treat for the elite. The popular breakfast favorite features Alba white truffle cream cheese, goji-berry Riesling jelly, and speckled with gold leafs. Customers have to order it 24-hours in advance and it is only served for breakfast.

Granted, this isn’t a food item but Daniel Marshall’s creation may set back your grocery money. The 24-karat gold leaf-covered cigar is made with premium tobacco.

There’s dessert and then there’s the mother of all desserts. Bloomsbury’s Boutique Cupcakes in Dubai offers customers the “Golden Phoenix,” a treat that will set you back $1,010. Among the ingredients used are; Uganda vanilla beans, edible gold dust, organic strawberries, and Amedei Porcelana chocolate. The final product is presented on a 24-karat cake stand and a gold spoon.

One of England’s favorite chocolate bar, the Wispa was discontinued in 2003. Chocolate lovers begged Cadbury to bring it back which the company agreed. The recipe was kept the same but to commemorate its return, a limited edition was sold exclusively in jewelry stores with the treat wrapped in gold-paper.

This dinner option is so pricey, it has been recognized by Guinness as the most expensive sushi dish ever. Chef Angelito Araneta Jr. did not spare expenses with his plate which included; wild safron, rice, Norwegian pink salmon, foie gras, and crab. Araneta placed pearls and diamonds on top of the sushi which is wrapped in gold paper.

Tea lovers willing to try every flavour available may pause with this brew. The Singapore company, TWG, has released Yellow Gold Tea Buds with the tea buds painted in 24-karat gold. The taste is said to be a mixture of floral and metallic which will set drinkers back by $3,000 for 100 grams.

This New York confection from the famous Serendipity 3 restaurant won’t just leave you with extra calories. The 3 Frrrozen Haute Chocolate is made from 28 high-end chocolates from South America and Africa. The drink is topped with 23-karat gold shavings and truffle flown from France. The $25,000 drink is served on a crystal goblet lined in gold, an 18-karat gold and white bracelet wrapped around the stem, and a gold spoon.

Wine is already a delicious, rich drink. Grande Cuvee is a Californian winery producing the fermented beverage mixed with gold leafs and 24-karat gold flakes. The sparkling wine bottle retails for an affordable $31.

Most people wont blink an eye when paying $5 or $6 for a hot cup of coffee in the morning. Abu Dhabi in the United Arab Emirates serves a steaming cappuccino topped with gold flakes for only $25. You might have to borrow money for lunch.

For those wanting to serve caviar at their next dinner party can do it without the actual cured fish-eggs. Made with white wine, sugar, lemon, and 24-karat gold leaf, this edible imitation caviar is still a costly $200 jar.

Chef Domenico Crolla from Glasgow, Scotland made a pizza worthy of James Bond. His creation “Pizza Royale 007” is the most expensive Italian pie. The $4,200 concoction comes with toppings like champagne-soaked caviar, smoked salmon, and lobster marinated in Cognac. The final topping is 24-karat gold flakes.

Doughnuts might not be considered refined food. Nevertheless, when made with purple yam, Cristal Champagne jelly, and coated in 24-karat gold dust and flakes you may see this $100 dessert differently.