Abandoned Puppies Befriended A Lonesome Tortoise. The Pics Will Melt Your Heart.

Abandoned Puppies Befriended A Lonesome Tortoise. The Pics Will Melt Your Heart. February 12, 2020

Puppies are so energetic and playful that we often forget that they’re technically babies who often need a lot of nurturing too. Now you’d expect them to turn to their mother, or a kind-hearted human for some love and support. But you’d be wrong. Some puppies choose the most unusual friends to get some TLC. And nobody knows this better than a turtle known as Goliath. Just ask Andrea, a kind-hearted woman who loves rescuing pets. She’s taken in stray dogs and even a giant turtle, but she never expected these animals who are completely different species to become such great friends.Over the years, Andrea has fostered hundreds of dogs, who have come into her life before eventually making their way to a more permanent home. But Andrea is also the proud owner of Goliath, an 80-pound sulcata turtle.

Given how slow most turtles are, you wouldn’t expect Goliath to be so sociable, but he is. In fact, he does everything in his power to get Andrea’s attention, and that includes making friends with some pawsitively awesome friends.

She took the puppies home to care for them. But at one point, she noticed that she only had three puppies, not four. So where was the other one? Andrea started panicking as she frantically searched her property.

She discovered that these puppies were certainly not afraid of Goliath at all. In fact, she found one of them in the turtle’s hutch. It didn’t take Andrea long to figure out that all of the other puppies were going inside the hutch as well.

She has fostered other dogs before and none of them have ever treated Goliath with love and respect. In fact, most dogs have either ignored him or they’ve been afraid of them. But these puppies are certainly the exception. They even snuggle with him as they love to keep Goliath company!

Andrea found that Goliath is extremely kind, patient, and loves to hang out with his four-legged foster brothers. But he can only transport two puppies at a time on top of his hard shell. Still, it’s so lovely to see such a harmonious exchange between these friends from another species.

Not only do they play, but they also share a meal together. So it seems like those days where Goliath was the unpopular turtle wandering around in the backyard all alone is finally over, at least until the puppies get adopted.

He’s never gotten this much attention other than from Andrea herself. But according to her, “I think he was thrilled. I think he loved it!” Had it not been for these four puppies, Goliath might have never come out of his shell.

These orphaned puppies needed someone to protect them, while a giant turtle needed companionship. But when these five met, the pups found a strong protector and the turtle found himself a new family.