Google’s Far-Left Agenda Has Finally Been Exposed For What It Is.

Google’s Far-Left Agenda Has Finally Been Exposed For What It Is. March 31, 2023Leave a comment

Google has absolutely taken over the Internet with its conveniently quick searches. But as it appears, Google isn’t as forthcoming with their information as they let on. Take a look into the dark secrets that Google harbors and what efforts they take to ensure that they always get their way.

A former engineer of Google, James Damore, was fired for being a little critical of Google’s far-left political views and policies. Even though his arguments were mild, and more liberal centrist than actually conservative, the company’s radical leftists did everything they could to successfully get him fired after leaking his views to the press.

Damore, along with other Google employees of the past and present, is now fighting the company in a class-action lawsuit. They’re alleging that Google discriminates against people that don’t have a progressive political view, as well as, Asian and white males.

Google has an odd tendency of hiring supporters of Antifa, which is a far-left group categorized as a network of terrorists by certain U.S. agencies of security. There have been members of this organization who have plead guilty to plotting acid attacks at pro-Trump rallies. One Antifa member was arrested for using a bike lock to viciously attack a Trump supporter.

During the 2016 presidential election campaign, WikiLeaks published a treasure trove of Clinton’s campaign manager John Podesta’s emails. And what they found in those emails was interesting, to say the very least.

In the words of Podesta, one of the things that were discovered through WikiLeaks was that the former executive manager of Google, Eric Schmidt, wanted to be “head outside adviser” in Clinton’s campaign. According to WikiLeaks, Podesta has expressed that opinion ever since 2014.

Schmidt had a strong desire to put another Clinton inside of the White House. Prior to the campaign in 2016, Schmidt had organized a grassroots organization know as “The Groundwork.” Not too much is known about this shadowy organization, but it’s clear that the intention was to put Hillary Clinton to work in the White House.

In 2016, a video from the tech news site SourceFed reported that any negative terms associated with Hillary Clinton would not autocomplete on Google, even though certain terms, like “Hillary Clinton scandal” were extremely popular and had no issues autocompleting on other websites, such as Yahoo or Bing.

What makes the matter even more suspicious was that if negative words were used with the names of Clinton’s opponents, Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump, then they actually did autocomplete. Google justified its actions by saying that Google doesn’t autocomplete negative things about people, but for some reason, they couldn’t explain why Trump and Sanders were clearly exempt from that rule. Yeah, that seems about right.

Psychologist Robert Epstein did a little bit of research later that year and discovered that Google’s autocompletes were most definitely biased. As it turns out, the biased autocompletes could have swayed up to 3 million votes in Clinton’s direction. Even so, it wasn’t enough to get her elected.

Did you know that Google’s senior management actually broke down into tears when Trump won the election? A person on the inside informed Breitbart News of this overly emotional reaction to Trump becoming president of the United States.

When James Damore was fired from Google, some leaks began pouring out from the company, which were exclusively published by Breitbart News. The information that came out was a bit disturbing, to say the least.

Some of the horror stories that came from the people on the inside include: the senior management choosing to put diversity over good technology, consistent efforts to reduce the amount of politically incorrect information in searches, employees getting excluded, demonized, and sometimes even punched for being a little too conservative.

If you’ve ever conducted a Google search then there’s a good chance that you’ve seen a Wikipedia link pop up in the search results, or on the “knowledge panel” that shows up on the right-hand side sometimes. Google has definitely proven that they favor the online encyclopedia.

Wikipedia is also well-known for being far-left biased and unreliable. Contributors to the website added ICE detention centers to an article on concentration camps. They also included Donald Trump and Tucker Carlson to a list of “neo-Nazi conspiracy theorists.”

What’s even worse is that they actually created an article for the sole purpose of criticizing the way the president shakes people’s hands. It’s extremely disappointing that Google relies on this “encyclopedia” for most of its top searches.

Google put more than $300 millions in fluffing up anti-Trump media. Google News spread the initiative throughout their company’s services and sister companies, like YouTube. According to what they released to the public, Google started the initiative to combat “misinformation” on the Internet. Apparently, Google does this by funding news organizations that provide misinformation, like far-left Vox, which is a website that claims that Clinton’s email scandal was fake news.

Regularly, Google invites different academics to its headquarters to provide lectures, and it allows the employees to make suggestions on who they should invite. If they were to suggest that a world-renowned academic who is disrespected and loathed by the leftist community and the media, like Jordan Peterson, then your suggestion will most certainly be denied. But it’s perfectly fine to invite a racist to speak about “white fragility.”

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