She Has A Beautiful Face, But People Are Going Crazy Over Her Body.

She Has A Beautiful Face, But People Are Going Crazy Over Her Body. November 9, 2019

Looking at this young woman’s face it’s easy to assume she is a sweet and delicate individual. She may very well be that but there may be more to her. Her angelic face and her body give her a look like no one else. Her hundreds and thousands of fans will agree to her worldwide appeal.

The wholesome looking woman is a 21-year-old powerlifter named Julia Vins. Her fans have lovingly given her a another name, one that is fitting. She is dubbed the “Muscle Barbie” for her angel-like face and her athletic body. The photos you are looking are 100% authentic and unaltered.

There are plenty of before and after photos of body transformations but this one stands out. The images reveal the woman’s body change as well as display the hard work she has put in. The side-by-side photos are only one year apart. The image on the left was taken in 2012, while the one on the right was taken in 2013.

She is a promising and rising star in the world of bodybuilding. She has also garnered fame in her native Russia due to the contrast of her face looking etheral while the rest of the body appear to be the product of CGI. Bodybuilders don’t often work as traditional models, but Julia is the exception to the rule.

It is unfair to say she is “jacked-up,” as it does a disservice to her work. The image of her back is a story in itself. It’s hard to imagine this body belongs to a 21-year-old but Julia is showcasing just how much training she does to look like this. Her pics are also the engine to motivate others to achieve their own goals even if it’s not in body building.

Just because she’s achieved social media fame does not mean she has not faced a large number of haters. There are still old-fashion notions about gender roles where young women should be pretty and not masculine and brute. She has an answer for her detractors. “If you ask me for the most important advice, I’ll say ‘Do what you love to do and don’t care what others will think about you.”

Julia is very mature when it comes to dealing with folks who criticize her. She accepts them as part of her professional journey and growth. She credits them for preparing her mental toughness. “If you don’t have haters it means you’re doing something wrong,” she explains. “It sounds strange and contradictory but it’s true.”

She began training when she was 15 even if it was without a plan. She saw results early on but she didn’t take it seriously or have a goal of what she wanted to achieve until much later. Once she was focused and goal-oriented she saw results that much quicker. She began training daily with the only powerlifter in her hometown.

In the beginning of her training she had a love-hate relationship with powerlifting, but before she knew it she had fallen in love with the sport. Within months of starting her training, Julia was entering various competitions, winning, all while growing in her newfound sport.

Exercise is the foundation behind her training, but Julia also maintains a strict diet both for her appearance as well as ultimate performance. This athlete consumes 3,000 calories per day. It may seem like a lot but consider the amount of energy she burns when she trains her body. It’s a balancing act to achieve her physical goal while maintaining her look.

Julia does not rely heavily on supplements for her body. She only takes them prior to competition, otherwise she depends on her nutrition the natural way by eating food. She consumes approximately 150 grams of protein daily. This comes in the form of fish, eggs, chicken, beef, and rice. She does not have a lot of sugar or dairy in her daily diet.

For non-body builders, the numbers may not mean much but other athletes will be impressed. She squats over 500 pounds, benches just over 300, and deadlifts above 400 pounds. These figures are impressive enough when done by a man, but she is out lifting her male counterparts. The reason she can achieve this is because she works harder than them.

The fact that she trains five times a week is not a surprise. Julia favors high-volume routines focusing on lower weights for long periods of time. This method helps her to build strength without getting extremely bulky. She is a young woman who wants to find her happy medium when it comes to her body, making it a difficult task.

Julia has over 300,000 Facebook fans and over 600,000 followers on Instagram. Her followers see her as an inspiration as they watch all of her progress. Some are simply following her for her good looks. She has worked hard for the body she has and she loves the adulation from her admirers on social media.

Julia’s online presence is not about feeding her vanity. She has built her legion of fans and followers by sharing video clips on exercise, nutrition, and motivational talks. Julia knows that although she is young she has fans who look up to her. She sees meeting their expectations as part of her journey and training.