This Guy Turns Into 7 Female ‘Game Of Thrones’ Characters Using Only Makeup.

This Guy Turns Into 7 Female ‘Game Of Thrones’ Characters Using Only Makeup. July 18, 2018

For *Game of Thrones* fans, now is a very difficult time. With the recent season just coming to a close, we are basically at the farthest point from a new season that one could ever be. Now, we have long and dark times ahead of us, with nothing to do but imagine what could possibly be about to go down in Westeros. But luckily, while we navigate this darkness, we have things like this to tide us over. This young makeup artist has used his talent to fight the pain away, taking his brushes and pigments to a new level by transforming himself into his favorite *Game of Thrones* characters. Even better? They’re all women, from feisty Arya to loyal Brienne to the constantly-smirking-and-now-murderous Cersei Lannister. His makeup transformations are truly uncanny, and he’s shared all of them to Instagram for your enjoyment. Check some of them out for yourself below.Although in this photo, you can see that he’s basically Brienne of Tarth, the noble female knight who pledges loyalty to the starks.

But by night, he transforms himself into Daenerys Targaryen, Queen of the Andals and Mother of Dragons.

This depiction of Arya Stark is terrifyingly precise and accurate.

What would Sansa Stark be without that beautiful flowing red hair?

Seriously, you could get lost in those things — but we don’t recommend you do, because she is a witch afterall.

Things didn’t go well for Margaery at the end of this season, but at least Ballesteros has figured out a way to preserve her visage for all eternity.

This makeup is so terrifyingly accurate, it’s almost hard to believe it’s not Cersei herself. Let’s just hope that Ballesteros doesn’t use this look to, you know, become a mass murderer using ancient pyrotechnics.