Game Of Thrones Fans Are Going Wild Over Leaked Sixth Episode.

Game Of Thrones Fans Are Going Wild Over Leaked Sixth Episode. August 16, 2019

*Game of Thrones* is on its seventh season. Unlike past ones, this time there are only seven episodes as opposed to the usual 10. That’s because showrunners David Benioff and D.B. Weiss only want to bring forth the most “extraordinary” scenes. After this season, the creators want to wrap it up next year, hence, there is a lot of speculation as to what will happen to our beloved Jon Snow, Tyrion Lannister, and Daenerys Targaryen as they face off against the hated queen Cersei Lannister and the much bigger threat of the white walkers. This may explain the very guarded secrecy surrounding the filming of this epic series.It accidentally broadcasted the sixth episode of Game of Thrones. The official date for the episode to air was Sunday, August 20th.

Once HBO realized the major blunder it had committed, it quickly removed the episode from its channel. Nonetheless, enough viewers screen shot scenes and recorded them.

Last week’s episode, “Eastwatch” leaves viewers on a cliffhanger as Jon Snow and his men face the cold elements to find a walker. One man loaded this GIF of a man crying in the shower.

Those that got to see “Death Is The Enemy,” have revealed that this episode may be the most dramatic and emotionally charged one yet. That is quite a claim for those who have seen “The Rains of Castamere” or more famously known as “The Red Wedding.”

Others have shared the scenes on YouTube, Reddit, and Instagram. There are also images of the episode popping up on various social media sites.

He confronts an army of them led by none other than the Night King. “Death is the enemy. The first enemy and the last,” Beric Dondarrion’s character warns Jon Snow. “The enemy always wins and we still need to fight him.”

We know Jon Snow went north of the wall for his kidnapping attempt. His plan was to capture one white walker from the army of the dead to take to Cersei Lannister.

This aligns with the House of Stark motto, “Winter is coming.” It is not only a warning by Ned Stark in season one of the end of summer that has lasted nine years but what is to come.

An unlikely alliance of men have joined to fight a common enemy and threat to humans. Only problem is that as far as viewers are concerned, Jon Snow did not take any dragonglass with him.

This is based on the books by George R.R. Martin. According to the storyline, 8,000 years ago humanity defeated the white walkers using dragonglass.

Perhaps this is the episode where his Targaryen lineage will help him defeat this group of white walkers. After all, viewers have been teased with Jon Snow getting closer to finding out the truth of who his real parents were.

“The Spoils of War,” was leaked by hackers who intentionally targeted HBO. They not only divulged the script from this episode but also phone numbers, addresses of cast members were made public.

The leaked episode was a dramatic one where viewers didn’t know if Jamie Lannister would survive the wrath of Daenerys Targaryen’s attack with one of her dragons.

Three of the suspects work for Prime Focus Technologies, the company that stores and processes episodes of Game of Thrones. The fourth is a former employee of the same company.

The HBO Spain leak is also believed to be an isolated incident. HBO may not have to worry since the leaked episode had 10.2 million viewers tuning in on the scheduled airing date, breaking its own record of 10.1 million which was episode one in season seven.