Grandma Dials Wrong Number, Starts Beautiful Friendship.

Grandma Dials Wrong Number, Starts Beautiful Friendship. March 31, 2023Leave a comment

People make friends at school, at work and even on social media. You can also find friendship under the most unusual circumstances. But would you ever consider becoming friends with someone who dialed you by mistake? Most of us would never call someone back if some random stranger got the wrong number! But Callie kept getting repeated misdials from a grandmother named Margaret. So, one day, Callie decided to call her back to tell her she had the wrong number. As it turns out, a simple misdial gave these two women something they desperately needed.He didn’t pick up, so she left a voicemail asking him to bring his pants over so she could give them a quick fix. She had no idea she had mistakenly called Callie, a woman whom she had never ever met or spoken to before.

Callie thought she had set the record straight, but Margaret kept leaving voicemails intended for Barry on Callie’s machine. After a couple of accidental misdials, Margaret started dialing Callie to talk to her.

They swapped stories and formed a beautiful friendship at a time when Callie needed it the most. You see, Callie had been going through a rough patch because her parents were getting a divorce, so she appreciated having Margaret to chat with.

The two unlikely friends hugged for the first time, but it felt like they’ve known each other forever. Margaret and Callie were happy to finally meet face to face. Both of them have become really good friends, but you might say they’re more like family. Margaret even calls Callie her little girl. Now isn’t that sweet?

She recalled the day she met Margaret on a sweet Facebook post: “A year and a half ago, this sweet lady called me thinking I was her grandson, Barry. This continued on for 3 months. After three months, she finally figured out that the number she was calling was me and not Barry but our friendship continued. She would call me and just check in on me. We talked about once a week on the phone.”

“A year and half of phone calls and today I finally got to meet Grandmama Margaret. Who would have known that having the wrong number would create such an amazing friendship? She always ends her phone calls with ‘love you, later.’ So Grandmama Margaret, thank you for being my friend and I am so glad we finally got to meet. Love you, later.” Ugh. We’re not crying. You’re crying! Now, pass the tissue!

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