99-Year-Old Grandmother Arrested By Police To Finish Off Her Bucket List.

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Meet grandma Annie, who at 99 years of age, there certainly aren't a lot of things she has left unresolved in life.

Browse through anyone's bucket list and you'll likely find things like owning a home, taking a trip to the Grand Canyon, writing a book, or flying a plane. But getting arrested by the police certainly wouldn't be anywhere on there. Right? Most people would think you were insane for even entertaining the idea. But for one 99-year-old grandmother, it was the last thing on her bucket list. So she set out to get arrested and when cops handcuffed her, she wasn't terrified at all. In fact, it was quite the opposite, she absolutely thrilled by the experience.In fact, she only had one unusual goal left on her bucket list. She wanted to be arrested before she died, and it was a request that the police at Nijmegen Zuid in the Eastern Netherlands was happy to turn into a reality.

Politie Nijmegen-Zuid / Facebook

Now there aren't too many people who would even consider getting arrested, let alone asking cops to arrest one of their loved ones.

But Annie's niece wanted to do something nice for the feisty Dutch grandmother. So she spoke to the local cops and told them that Annie wanted to get handcuffed and locked up by authorities.

Politie Nijmegen-Zuid / Facebook

The cops claim that they've gotten a lot of unusual requests in their line of work, but this was by far the most interesting one.

You certainly don't see too many people actually grinning and showing off their handcuffs while getting placed in them and getting arrested.

Politie Nijmegen-Zuid / Facebook

It wasn't long before social media got wind of this story and praises started pouring in from all parts of the world.

One Facebook user by the name of Joe Larch wrote, "Thanks to the amazing police forces they have in Holland to grand this wonderful lady her wish". Another man by the name of Timothy Crayon wrote a comment that said that she was the cutest and sweetest prisoner in history."

Politie Nijmegen-Zuid / Facebook

She even held her handcuffs up proudly, while most of us would obviously bow our heads in shame.

Ironically, Grandma Annie has never committed a crime in her long life. But cops allowed her to sit in a jail cell for as long as she wanted. She was even seen smiling and waving to the camera from inside her cell.

Politie Nijmegen-Zuid / Facebook