23 Tips To Shape Eyebrows In Instant—Thread Will Be Your Hero!

23 Tips To Shape Eyebrows In Instant—Thread Will Be Your Hero! December 8, 2017

To make your hair prettier, you can cut it to various hair style, and also give it color too. But what about the hair above your eyes: your eyebrows? Can you cut them? Yes! Using thread, you can shape your eyebrow as you want. You should know from the beginning to the end of hair removal. Once you shape your eyebrow, eyebrow pencil will not only make your eyebrow prettier but perfect.Even celebrities do too.

Wax might be acceptable for lips but for eyebrows, please just don’t.

This ‘hair’ needs to be brushed and combed too. Get them in the same direction to make it looks neat.

Cut approximately a foot length and make them as in the picture

By doing so, you now get the basic form of shuttle for hair removal

There is an assisting tool.

Don’t just move the shuttle to be in the direction you want to, but do it slowly by opening fingers on a hand and close the fingers on other hand, do it vice versa and repeatedly. Try the movement first before applying it real.

When you move the shuttle, direct it in the opposite of the way where the hair grows. Use the ‘V’ area to frame the hair you want to remove. Just move your shuttle to get it rid.

Repeat the process until you get the shape you want. Your challenge is to make your other eyebrow gets the same shape…

For sure you can use your shuttle to other hairs.

Don’t forget to take a photo before you do it, so that you can see how different they are.

Don’t really brave to do hair removal by thread? You can try tweezing.

If you have thick and bushy eyebrows, yes, you can choose waxing.

Ask a help from beautician!

Oops, not yet. Before you do hair removal, you brushed your eyebrow. After you do, brush it again. Brush your eyebrow from the inner, upwards.

Trim hair that is longer while you brushing your eyebrows.

Clean the stray hairs above the shape will give you a clean look and same eyebrows in right and left side.

Before applying eyebrow pen, for sure choose any style of eyebrow. Each shape will give you different impression.

After you choose the style, now is the time to apply it on. It is useless to try on your back hand to draw, it’s better to just directly do it on your eyebrows.

Sure that you want to look closer to mirror, but standing too close will make you have uneven eyebrows.

Need a help in using the pencil? Use eyebrow template

Sometimes, we use eyes to tighten the pores but instead, use a warm washcloth on your eyebrows.

You have a great eyebrows now, you don’t need to shave them but these work great for maintenance.