20 Kids Who Have Totally Nailed This Whole ‘Humanity’ Thing.

20 Kids Who Have Totally Nailed This Whole ‘Humanity’ Thing. November 8, 2017

For many reasons, I’ve become quite the cynic. People can really let you down. I also get so absorbed in the priorities of everyday life that it’s become less natural – at times even a burden – to think of others, especially strangers. One thing that really motivates me to goodness and hope is working with youth. I worked as an English language teacher in Japan for two years and was often surprised and moved to discover youth in their genuine thoughtfulness. There were little things like receiving Thank You letters. Another time, I saw a young boy run to the nearest convenience store to recycle his friend’s plastic bottles. These small acts reminded me of my own heart – that I have one and that I should use it. **Scroll below to find 20 kids doing positive things simply because they wanted to. When’s the last time you did a good deed?**