Great Part-Time Jobs For Seniors Too Young To Retire.

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We all have this idea of what life is going to be like when we retire. Things like going to the spa, golfing, going for coffee with friends, and taking month-long vacations are just some of the perfect activities we dream of doing. You may get to do all of these pursuits within the first weeks or months of retirement but after awhile, retirees admit getting bored. We are creatures of habit. For decades, hardworking men and women got up in the morning to go to work, after you take retirement, it’s hard to switch that off. Working a part-time job is a great way to make extra cash while keeping your body and mind active. It is also a good way to build friendships with people from all walks of life and different age range. Here are some jobs you may want to consider after you retire.Whether it’s working with special needs children, prepping material for teachers, or having a one-on-one student, this is a fulfilling job. The students’ energy is also contagious and you will look forward to new activities in this dynamic setting. Most teacher’s aides are part-time hours so you can still have time to enjoy the retired life.

Seasonal workers are required at peak times like Christmas and back-to-school. Retirees can apply to the store that aligns with your interests like sporting, crafts, books, or apparels. Not only are the hours flexible but most stores offer employees discounts and sale bonuses. Golden years employees have the opportunity to bring extra income home while also getting to bargain shop for yourself, family, and friends.

If you are a history, nature, or cultural buff this may be your calling. Senior citizens get to share all of their knowledge with tourists which can range from curious children to adults and academics. The most memorable tour guides are those that use humour, witty stories, and keeps their groups engaged. This is your opportunity to unleash your inner Indiana Jones in your golden years.

This is your city or town and no one knows it better than you. You get to go and drive people to restaurants, museums, theatre, and job interviews. Retirees often have the double duty of taking their passengers to their destination while offering advice. Your extensive knowledge in the area, in addition to your driving history makes you a desired employee. Services like Uber and Lyft give senior drivers a great opportunity to make extra money and set their own hours. Furthermore, this is a great way to pay off any outstanding debts you may have incurred.

Non-profit work is fulfilling. Elderly people know everything they do for these charities will help those most in need. Many times, these organizations want experienced professionals with networking strength. This is the ideal place to share your wisdom. Be it clerical work, event planning, fundraising, or volunteer coordinator, there is so much you can get done by putting in a couple of hours out of your week so you can still enjoy being retired.

What better way for retirees to share their life than by writing about it. Whether it’s the hottest restaurants in the city to destination vacation, you are a wealth of knowledge because of your experience. Websites are always looking for experienced, talented writers. And what great way for readers to look at things from the perspective of a pensioner.

It takes a team of mature staff to make ensure attendees have the best time. Tasks at these events can be ticket taking, souvenirs and refreshment sales, to parking attendant. Most venues allow you to choose the event you want to work at. So you get to decide what your month is going to look like in advance. An extra perk for seniors working as event staff is that they can get to peek and enjoy part of the show or sporting event.

Some people just cannot multi-task but others are perfect at it. Responding back to emails, making calls, and even booking a flight can feel overwhelming, and trivial for some. A senior, retired employee has seen it all. Nothing is such a disaster that it cannot be fixed and taken care of. You can decide how much work you take in like picking up dry cleaning, shopping for gifts, or booking appointments. A great perk of being a personal assistant is that a lot of it can be done from the comforts of your home.

If you have a gallery of great images, consider submitting to stock photography sites like Shutterstock where they pay you $0.25 per downloaded pic up to $500. Once you hit that number, your pay increases to $0.33 per image download. Other sites like iStock Photo pays 15% commission, it increases to 33% once you hit a 50% approval rating. If you rather be in front of the lens, you can make extra income by being a mature model for retirement magazines, brochures, and newspapers. This is easy money to put into your savings account.

Companies are always looking for talent and experience without making employees full-time. Reach out and offer your services to various companies. Smaller companies just want someone to freelance temporarily until they can afford someone full-time which fits perfect for those who are retired. This is a great way for seniors to try different companies out while giving them freedom to enjoy retirement.

If you owned your own practice or past clients still want to consult with you, consider putting in one to three days out of your week to work. Most retired seniors may be able to keep your hourly rate in most cases, hence, using as little as possible from your pension fund.

The senior citizen may be the person knee-deep in research, the archivist or data collector. The attention to detail, passion, and focus makes a retired employee a great asset to the research team. On the brink of a project being finished, who knows, the may be offered their next job which means more money in their bank accounts.

Government jobs like US Postal Service requires seasonal and part-time work. Another great perk, age discrimination is taboo in this area. Visit your federal and state government sites for job listings. Another perk is that a lot of these opportunities also come with the goal to use a senior’s experience as a tool to mentor younger employees. Government employment tend to pay well which of course is always nice to see it go towards your pension fund.

A retired senior may want to take a two-month trip to Latin America or spend the cold winter months in the Caribbean, but you don’t to make a dent on your savings or pension money. Work during the high-peak, seasonal months where you can make as much money as possible and then live like retired royalty when you are off.

Although customer service representatives are known to take abuse from clients, it is less likely a 55 or 65 plus employee will get the same attitude from a disgruntled consumer as a 30-year-old would. A lot of these jobs are remote so you can work from home. It’s a win-win.

For retired folks who have always been experts at building, fixing, and crafting, take this talent and make money from it. People are always looking for things to get fixed around the house like hanging photos, putting together an Ikea furniture piece, or painting the fence. Other options are knitting touques for winter, sewing library book and snack bags. It is likely that this type of income will be paid in cash which can be used as just spending money without going near your retirement fund.

Once a teacher, always a teacher. Just because you are retired does not mean you have lost your talent and skills to help kids struggling in school. You can tutor by privately visiting each student once or twice a week in their home or join a centre. Maybe call your old teaching school and spread the word you are willing to tutor for them once or twice a week.

Do you know a lot about knitting, fishing, scrapbooking, or cars? Apply this knowledge to build your own website where aficionados can visit when they need to read a review of a new product or are stuck how to use their latest buy. You need to become the go-to expert for the online community so you can pay off any debts and put more money towards your savings account.

It takes a lot schooling to become a librarian. Just because you have retired does not mean universities, public libraries, and schools, don’t need you. Senior librarians can shelve, track overdue books, catalog, and help lost readers find their books. The pay is not bad either so you can expect to have a nice slush fund for your spending needs.

It is no easy task keeping financial records accurate and up-to-date. The job of a bookkeeper can range from processing payroll, writing financial reports, audits, delinquent accounts, and ordering office supplies. For this reason, you might only want to have half a dozen of clients so you can still enjoy your retirement time off. Bookkeepers make good money as well that will help you stay away from debt.

Care aids tasks vary from giving a bath to their clients to taking them to the doctors or going for a walk. The requirements vary depending on the needs of the elderly, disabled, or ill person. Senior citizens need to have up-to-date certification to work in this capacity. Sometimes a senior’s three to four hour visit may be the only human interaction the patient had that day.

Performing front desk, administration duties in a doctor’s office can vary from scheduling appointments, checking patients in, sending and receiving faxes, and answering calls. Some offices allow you to job-share where you can work two to three times a week and enjoy the rest of your days off being a retiree.

You can either take care of a child full-time or part-time depending on the age. A lot of working parents are looking for before and after school care so you can enjoy the whole day being retired and doing what you like and only put about two hours in the morning and two in the afternoon.

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