It Looks Like A Normal House, But It’s Hiding A Secret That May Save The World.

It Looks Like A Normal House, But It’s Hiding A Secret That May Save The World. January 27, 2018

We all know that waste is a big issue and yet, when it comes to taking action, many people are so quick to feel inconvenienced. They waste instead of recycle because the bin is simply too far, or perhaps they are just set in their ways. This is not to say that others are not trying. Some regions have decreased waste by enforcing a charge on plastic bags and there are even some people, like “Trash is for Tossers” Lauren Singer, who cut out garbage altogether. And then there’s Carlos Daniel González, who’s in a league of his own. González grew up in the Mexican city of Puebla, where heavy pollution continues to plague his community. In 2013, he responded to the issue in a big way by founding EcoDomum, an organization that builds durable homes from recycled plastic. Not only are these structures eco-friendly, they’re also very affordable. Instead of aiming for profit, he hopes to combat another big issue: extreme poverty. “I live in a place with a lot of poverty and problems of marginalization,” the founder voiced in an interview with Unreasonable. “Some people live in truly deplorable conditions, places you can’t even call houses. My vision is very clear. I have the conviction to help the most people I can have a dignified life by getting rid of extreme poverty, cleaning up my country at the same time.” The houses come with two bedrooms, one bathroom, a living room, and kitchen space, and are expected to last 100 years before falling apart. The cost? A 430 square foot home is currently marked at about 5,000 pesos, or 280 USD.