Lady Surprised To Find Two Bright Green Bulldogs In Her Kitchen.

Lady Surprised To Find Two Bright Green Bulldogs In Her Kitchen. July 31, 2021

Dog owners love their furry four-legged pets who are pretty smart. But sometimes, they can be total nightmares. No wonder people treat pets as if they were children. Dogs tend to get themselves into trouble all the time, just like kids do. But these two French bulldogs really took home the cake for doing something no dog has ever done before. They changed their color! But they’re not mutants or refugees from Area 51. They’re just two adorable pooches who didn’t know how to stay out of trouble. As a result, they wound up turning themselves green and netizens are going nuts over them!She certainly wasn’t expecting little green men from Mars, or in this case, two little green alien dogs. And yet, that’s exactly what she found when she walked into her kitchen. But she had no idea how it happened.

She knew her pets didn’t have any sort of special powers or anything like that. But something had caused them to Hulk out. Then she realized she had forgotten to close the kitchen door before going to bed the night before.

Standing right in front of her, looking up were these adorable green creatures, who probably didn’t notice or didn’t seem to mind that their fur had suddenly become green. But she actually did mind.

Her green food coloring was gone, too, so she would have to go out and buy some more. Of course, her first priority was to restore her dogs’ original color. But this wasn’t an easy task either and she needed some help.

”My husband and I spent half a day washing them about three times, but some parts of their bodies were still green,” explained Yada. “We were really tired, but they seemed not to know what they had done wrong.”

They’re just too darn adorable to get angry with them. So once the initial frustration of cleaning them had passed, the couple undoubtedly laughed at the mayhem and foolishness the French bulldogs had brought into their lives.

Some folks praised the pooches for doing such a great job at fully covering themselves all over while others shared stories of how their pets did something similar. But everyone seemed to love how these pets appeared to have dove into a bucket of food coloring.

They’re like the ocean. You just can’t turn your back on them. So, unless you want to spend half a day trying to clean food coloring out of your dogs, you may want to invest in a lock on your kitchen door.

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