He Died Suddenly, Now Watch How His Horse Reacted To His Coffin.

He Died Suddenly, Now Watch How His Horse Reacted To His Coffin. January 5, 2019

The bond between a man and his steed can be a powerful one. After all, a lot of trust and confidence is involved between the two. The rider has to be comfortable in knowing that the horse won’t go wild and throw him off, and the horse has to have enough faith in the person riding them. In the end, when they click, the relationship can be symbiotic. But when one of them dies, it’s almost like losing a part of themselves in the process, and if you’re one of those misguided few who believe that animals can’t feel emotions, you’re in for quite a heartbreaking shock.For the 34-year-old cowboy, his horse meant everything to him and more. In fact, he was like part of the family.

But their time together was sadly cut short when Wagner passed away from injuries he sustained in a traffic accident near his home in Paraiba, Brazil. It was a tragic loss for all those who knew Lima, but even more so for his horse Sereno.

So shortly after, dozens of his friends and family members had gathered to honor him at his funeral before taking him to his final resting place in Cajazeiras, Brazil.

Now the tough part was getting him to face and then accept the horrible loss, which was a concept that even the humans who knew Wagner were having a tough time dealing with.

Wando decided to honor his late brother one last time by taking in Sereno and allowing him to live in his property. But for now, it was time to help Sereno say goodbye to Wagner.

On some instinct, the horse knew what was happening and he wanted to say goodbye. So Sereno marched with the crowd of mourners, but no one had expected to witness the horse’s reaction when he got close to Wagner’s casket.

He walked around the coffin and smelled some more, and then it hit him. His friend was really gone. So according to one of the attendees, Kyioshi Abreu, the horse began to neigh.

It was probably one of the most heartbreaking scenes anyone had ever witnessed, but it proved that the range of emotions that animals feel is still something that we haven’t even begun to understand. Afterwards, Sereno joined Wagner’s friends and family as they escorted the coffin to the cemetery. On the way there the horse would whimper and beat his hooves on the ground in mourning.