12 Bad Habits That Might Actually Be Good For You.

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Do you often pee every time you're in the shower? Chances are that you've done this at some point.

We all have unusual habits that we don't necessarily like to share with our friends, family, or co-workers. Why? Because we've been told that these habits are downright disgusting. But it turns out that these seemingly "bad" habits that you've been too afraid to admit doing are actually good for you. Still, you feel like someone's watching you when you pee in the shower or bite your nails. But at least now you have a reason not to feel so bad about being a royal mess! And how often does that happen in life? So here's a list of gross habits that could do you a lot of good.If you're a serial shower urinator, then rejoice because the ammonia and uric acid in pee can get rid of and prevent fungal infections on your feet. You're also wasting less water and less toilet paper.
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People claim that being messy is disgusting because it comes off as though you're dirty and have no discipline.

Messy people are about 36 percent more creative than neat freaks. In fact, being messy can also provide some major health benefits. For example, dust mites can't survive very long in an unmade bed, at least according to a study by Kingston University.
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Your mom used to slap your hand away whenever you used to bite your fingernails as a kid.

As an adult, you continue to do it every time you're nervous, or maybe you do it out of habit. As gross as the concept of biting your nails and eating what's underneath them sounds, the bacteria you ingest causes your immune system to produce white blood cells that build up an immunity to the bacteria. So there you have it, Mom!
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Chewing gum adds absolutely no nutritional value to your diet, but it can still help you in other ways.

Scientists have proven that chewing gum reduces stress, raises your cortisol levels, which keeps your hormones in check, and it also sharpens your mind so that you can concentrate better when you're studying and taking tests. If you chew gum made with Xylitol it's even better because Xylitol gum helps inhibit cavity-causing bacteria.
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It turns out that skipping a shower may not necessarily be a bad thing.

A daily shower strips away certain oils from your hair and skin that are essential in keeping them protected and hydrated. Hot water alone can destroy healthy bacteria that promotes your skin's elasticity and radiance. So once in a while, consider skipping a shower.

Swearing like a mofo might be intimidating, but it can actually do a lot of good for your mental health.

Most people who swear all the time release a lot of stress, which allows them to chill after they've vented. Researchers at the University of Rochester interviewed 1000 people about 400 typical behaviors. They reported a strong link between swearing and intelligence. Participants with higher intellect were found more likely to curse, walk around the house naked, and eat spicy breakfasts.

After you've had a delicious meal, you'll probably feel the urge to belch like a baby, and you should.

Holding in a burp is like holding in a fart. By not releasing the gases produced by your stomach, you're forcing gastric acid to spill into the gullet, which can lead to some serious acid reflux and even cause chest pain.

Next time you have the urge to fart, you should definitely consider letting one rip right away.

Your digestive system produces methane and carbon dioxide six hours after you're done eating. If you don't release those gases, you could end up feeling bloated and experience cramps. So if you need to pass gas, find a quiet space where no one's around and break wind.
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You drink a lot of coffee and everyone's told you that it's really bad for your body and mind.

It turns out that it won't stunt your growth, cause cancer, or give you a heart attack. But what it can do is provide you with antioxidants that can fight Alzheimer's, Parkinson's, liver cancer, and Type 2 diabetes. You also are 15 percent less likely to suffer from depression.
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You cringe at the thought of seeing someone spitting in public, but it can actually help you breathe.

Saliva can mess up your breathing pattern when you're exercising, because you tend to breathe through your mouth when you're working out. So if you feel the urge to spit after a workout, then do it. You'll be surprised by how easier it is to breathe. Just, you know, don't spit on a fellow gym goer. Yikes!
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You've heard that sleeping in is bad for you because it promotes nothing but sheer laziness.

The truth is that you should sleep until your circadian rhythm tells you it's time to wake up. This will increase your metabolism. There are plenty of people who don't get enough sleep and wind up eating lots and lots of junk food.

You complain way too much and everyone tells you your "Negative Nancy" ways need to stop.

Actually, according to University of Texas psychologist, James Pennebaker, those who suppress their negative emotions end up suffering from more health problems than those who are constantly complaining about how everything is wrong with the world. Why? Because once they're done, they move on.