Then-And-Now Photos Of Pets Growing Up Are Exactly Why We Love Them.

Then-And-Now Photos Of Pets Growing Up Are Exactly Why We Love Them. February 24, 2019

People love to look at old photo albums to see photos of themselves or loved ones in the past. We like to make the comparison of past to present. A lot can change in a few years or even a few months. Looking at before and after photos of humans, however, do not compare to looking at before and after photos of pet animals! These photos are so cute, they might even melt your heart. Humans grow up fast, but pets grow up even faster! Take a look at some adorable pups and kittens who’ve grown into handsome and beautiful dogs and cats.17 years later an this friendship is stronger than ever.

Looks like they’ll be together forever and ain’t nothing going to change that.

He will never know his true size. Props to his owner for being able to carry him still.

Think of all the good times these two have shared.

Maybe he’s waiting for something or someone…

The little kitty finally grew big enough to fill out the entire guitar case!

I know times are tough with money, but I think it’s time to invest in a new pair of sleeping bags.

Looks like he doesn’t mind the tight squeeze.

They’ve definitely grown more intimidating. It looks like they’re wearing muscle tanks?

However, it’s probably a little more difficult getting things done with a big cat on your shoulder versus a little kitten.

Looks like that bed wasn’t big enough for him after all.

Look at all that attitude in his face. He’s just waiting to be grounded.

Now that’s what you call a gentleman from the start.

No more goofing around and taking naps while on the job!

But it seems 6 months have no affected how much this rescue kitten loves the camera bag.

It’s like their own mini gang, only their only crimes are purring loudly and being too cute to handle.

But ain’t no one complaining. Looks like the one on the left still has the same expression after all these years too.

But it appears his laziness hasn’t changed a bit.

However, I do admit his ears looked cute when they were flimsy.

A few years later and this one’s still battling it out with Mr. Croc.

It appears he has grown eyebrows that he didn’t really have before.

Some things never change. But in this case, I’m ok with that.

But look at how big the bear used to be to the kitten compared to the later photo!

You can always count on this one to accompany you on a hike.

But why do they look like they’re up to no good still…