Guy At Zoo Thinks The Polar Bears Want To Play… Nope!

Guy At Zoo Thinks The Polar Bears Want To Play… Nope! April 1, 2023Leave a comment

It’s not every day that one gets to have an intimate moment with a polar bear — for starters, they don’t typically live in places where there are a lot of people around. Should you encounter one in person, it’s probably best to keep a safe distance. The one exception for this, of course, is at zoos — while they might not be ideal in terms of animal preservation and happiness, they do provide the unique opportunity for people to get up close and personal with animals they would never normally see otherwise. Take, for instance, this adorable moment at a zoo in the Netherlands. At Zoo Blijdorp in Rotterdam, a teenager noticed that a young polar bear in his enclosure had taken a particular interest to him. The polar bear, named Sizzle, was only one year old — which meant that his main goal at all times is to play, play, and play some more. Neither were expecting the other to be such a good playmate, but you’d be surprised how much fun you can have through a thick plate of glass. See the adorable video below.

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