Guy Builds A Real-Life Flintstone House And The Shower Is ‘Yabba Dabba Doo’.

Guy Builds A Real-Life Flintstone House And The Shower Is ‘Yabba Dabba Doo’. April 1, 2023Leave a comment

Do you ever wonder what it would be like to live in the stone age? How about in Fred Flintstone’s house? Well one couple decided to style the exterior of their Hillsborough, California home like the popular cartoon “The Flintstones”. But they ran into a little trouble when they tried selling the oh-so expensive home back in 2015. So they decided to come up with an ingenious plan to make some money out of it. Now anyone can stay in here for a night that will have you screaming, “Yaba, Daba, Doo!”But when you look even further you’ll notice that this property isn’t quite normal.

And while it might look orange and purple now. It used to be painted off-white when it was originally constructed back in 1976.

It involved applying shotcrete to the steel rebar structure and a number of mesh frames that were held in place by inflated balloons.

The doors, the windows and even chimney and shrubs surrounding it give it that nifty stone age look.

Once you walk in through the front door, you’ll find the inside looks a little more modern. Of course tiling and unique works of arts on the walls make it just as interesting.

It’s like a cross between stone age and Navajo dwelling with exotic color schemes that Fred and Wilma would kill for.

There’s lighting partially hidden on the slits of walls near the ceiling and air conditioning vents in this cave like dwelling.

But it wasn’t always so. Back in the 80s, the home had fallen into a horrible state of disrepair.

Water runoff from a nearby mountain had caused serious damage to the foundation, making it necessary to repair the home and then transform it into this amazing prehistoric wonderland.

But you might be too busy admiring it to actually get anything done in time for dinner.

There’s a center island attached to the roof of the house. It has a skylight. And let’s not even talk about the cavernous furniture and interestingly modern window frame.

Despite its appearance, the interior does contain a lot of modern furniture like this table and chair as well as your typical 21st century appliances.

In fact, a lot of people are crying “beast” because of the experimental design.

It cost them $800,000 and it’s attracted a lot of curious passersby, not to mention criticism from those who call this home an eyesore.

They’re like gargoyles staring at you as you wash your face, brush your teeth or get dress.

How many other washrooms have you been too that look like they’ve been carved out of a rock?

But It’s even been rumored to have been purchased by a variety of celebrities over the years.

Oh, and so did O.J. Simpson and the famous and super rich creator of Star Wars, George Lucas.

It’s been listed for $4.2 million but so far no big fishes, or little ones for that matter, have bothered to bite.

So the price recently went down to $3.2 million.

But if you don’t have millions to spare you can still enjoy the comforts of this prehistoric home. The owners have turned it into an Airbnb and it will only set you back $750 a night so you can still have a gay old time.

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