Guy Moves Into New Apartment, Then Discovers Secret Hatch In The Floor.

Guy Moves Into New Apartment, Then Discovers Secret Hatch In The Floor. March 31, 2023Leave a comment

When you move into a new home, or a new apartment, you really don’t know what you’re going to get. Most of the times, you find things that the previous tenant fixed, or made it seem like it was fixed, but broke the moment you laid eyes on it. But Imgur user demc7 was pretty much happy with his new place. There was plenty of space for his furniture and all his personal items. So now all he had to do was unpack. But there was something that he discovered under his feet that was totally unexpected, and this surprise totally blew his mind away, so he decided to make a video of it to document his extraordinary find.At first, demc7 had no way of knowing what was lying beneath of his new apartment. All he knew for sure was that he had everything he needed, including the essentials, like the high ceilings in his kitchen/living room.

Between the ground and the first floor was a mezzanine which allowed him to safely secure his bed. Of course, he called it “more of a bunk bed than a bedroom.” But it still looks roomy, comfy, and oh-so-cozy!

Then, he decided to start documenting his new place by taking some photos, which included the shower room, which he called, “nice functional shower room.” Although the space was quaint, it would serve its purpose.

There was some kind of door and it was on the floor. This was a pretty unusual thing to find in an apartment, and his curiosity grew. So, he knelt and took a closer look to see if perhaps there was a way to open it.

“This wasn’t in the lease,” he thought. The question was, what on earth would he find down there if he managed to open it? He wasn’t sure, but he definitely wanted to find out. So, he decided to go for it, and open the hatch.

It turns out that the hatch was unlocked, which meant that he was able to open it easily. So, he reached for the handle, lifted it, and pulled. Now it was time to see what, if anything, was hidden underneath the floor.

“Oh, a bit of underfloor storage for some tools and old paint cans,” he mentions. It was hardly enough to bat an eyelash. But something made him want to inspect the newly found compartment a bit further just in case.

Then, he noticed that there was more to the compartment, as in a secret passage right under his apartment. But anything could have been down there, and he was eager to find out where this would end up leading him to.

The walls were made of brick, and it was dusty, but it didn’t seem like anyone had been in this space for quite a while. Now he had to muster up the courage to go down there and explore a bit further. Maybe a dungeon.

Naturally, he was a bit freaked out because it was quite an unexpected find. But he decided that he would wait a bit, close the hatch and call a friend first. Oh, and he wedged the bathroom door over the hatch, in case someone or something tried crawling back up.

What he found were 19th-century hatches and corridors that led to who knows where. One thing was certain. It was going to be tough getting through some areas, particularly those that had fallen bricks in the way.

It turns out that what they both assumed was the end of the corridor, wasn’t. It actually stretched beyond the point where they could see. This meant that they would probably have to continue exploring the underground network.

There seemed to be hidden spaces in the spaces between apartments, or maybe it just seemed that way because of all the damaged caused by the collapsing ceiling. Either way, he and his friend aimed to investigate.

The vaulted ceiling was located on the left side of the corridor, but he hadn’t gone through the hatch. Then again, who would, given how intimidating that vast emptiness seemed to be? When he got this apartment, he wasn’t expecting this kind of thrill.

He found a random graffiti that suggested to him and his friend that people from this decade had actually been exploring these tunnels. He was just hoping that he wouldn’t run into anyone, or if he did, they’d be friendly.

It had four walls, which he noticed were all damp, and the floor was sturdy for the most part. It was spacious so he and his friend didn’t have to worry about bumping their heads into any support beams.

In the corner of the basement, he found a shape that suggested it was some kind of crypt. But it would make a great place to lay down on, or to sit if he decided to throw a seriously cool dungeon party down here.

He seriously hoped that whatever those bricks had been placed there for, it didn’t involve any kind of ritual sacrifice. The truth is, this really was the kind of area people could use. It just needed a little sprucing up.

There was sort dirt in the hole he found, and what was eerier was the fact that the ground may have been recently disturbed, according to him. But so far, there was no sign that anyone else was here at the moment he was taking the photos.

The hatch was the only way in or out of this hidden dungeon. He and his friend found no other staircases that led to other hatches. The building was supposedly a 19th century English monastery, which was turned into a 30-residential unit apartment home, and he admits he’s scared to live above it alone.

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