Guy Walks Into A Women’s Locker Room… But The Joke’s On Him.

Guy Walks Into A Women’s Locker Room… But The Joke’s On Him. April 1, 2023Leave a comment

The best pranks are the ones that leave their subjects totally dumbfounded, and this is definitely one of them. Put on by a pair of Aussie pranksters at a clothing store, they utilized the part of the retail experience that has the most potential for awkwardness: The dressing room. Don’t worry, nothing scandalous to see here. Instead, it’s a prank that highlights just how uncomfortable a dude can get should he accidentally stumble into the women’s dressing room (we’re thinking this prank would work for a women’s restroom as well). Most impressive is the way they actually carry out the prank, transforming the initial space into the scene of the prank without its subject knowing the difference. Checking out the photos and video below are totally worth it, simply for the pure fact that these men have probably never been more confused in their lives. The guy’s reaction at the end of the video is totally priceless.Usually separated from the men’s area by a long shot, it’s where women can go to get undressed, feel comfortable, and have a little bit of time to themselves.

That’s why this team of pranksters thought it would be the perfect setup for their latest gag.

When the men went into their own changing room, the pranksters set up an alternate universe on the other side of the door. Instead of the men’s changing room door leading back into the retail space, it now led to a faux women’s changing room — full of women in towel’s.

We can admit it: If this happened to us, we’d say the same exact thing.

**->It’s definitely more effective to see this prank in action, and you can watch the whole thing from start to finish in the video below.<-**

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