Guy’s Sandpaper Slip’N Slide Is Painfully Brutal.

Guy’s Sandpaper Slip’N Slide Is Painfully Brutal. March 31, 2023Leave a comment

YouTube is filled with all sorts of videos nowadays: DIY projects, musical covers, dancing choreography, makeup tutorials, cooking instructions and so forth. With that said, it’s very difficult to be unique on the video sharing platform as mostly everything has been done. Nonetheless, YouTube channel, TGFBro strives to make each and every one of their videos different. Although they all have a general entertaining and goofy theme, each video contains completely different content from the next. One of their most recent videos was the creating of a sandpaper slip n slide. And yes it’s just as painful as it sounds.The two use the account to create and share comedy, challenge and prank videos.

Due to the nature of their videos, many of them tend to result in pain and/or vomiting depending on what they’re doing or eating.

“We have no set content that we post, we just post anything cool that we wanna do.. Such as taking a bath in nettles.”

The DIY was building a slip n slide, but not just any slip n slide, a sand paper one. The challenge: going down the slide after building it.

They spent a few days selecting the perfect slope on the mountain top. The next step after that was to choose the material of the slide.

They taped several pieces of sand paper to the end of the slide using duct tape. At one point in the video, Jay scratches the sand paper to hear how it sounds — that sound alone could make anyone cringe.

Therefore, (despite all the sandpaper that was at the bottom of the slide) they had to make the slide slippery.

This way, when the victims went down the slide, they’d go down with a lot of momentum before hitting the sandpaper.

And although it looked like none of them wanted to go first, Jay somehow managed to convince Romell to volunteer as tribute.

Just hearing the screams from the people going down the slip n slide is enough to give anyone goosebumps.

In fact, after he made initial contact, he lifted his body for the remainder of his time going down the slide.

Some parts even started bleeding, like on his hand and one of his butt cheeks.

Unlike Romell, Jay’s body stayed down on the slide all the way through.

Right before he hit the sand paper, he shrieked out loud, “I’m scared!”

“Ahh my a** my a** I feel like I’m being grinded against a pole!” he screamed.

You can see in the screenshot below that it was a pretty big scab, definitely bigger than any of the marks left on Romell’s body.

As he went down, he managed to twist and flip, barely being impacted by the sand paper. Nonetheless, he got off the slide with a few minor cuts along his forearm.

So they ended the video with Jay and Romell going down the slide once more (against their better judgement).

And as expected, the two experienced the same pain once more but this time together. The video then ends abruptly after Jay says, “The aftermath pictures will be on our Instagram.”

Maybe randomness is the key to gaining an audience’s attention after all.

Obviously a video of guys sliding down a sandpaper slide is new and has never been done before because who would intentionally want to put themselves through that pain?

Jay and Romell are originally from and currently reside in the town of Dudley in the West Midlands (just outside of Birmingham, England).

Many believe that the accent actually makes their videos funnier. The black country accent is one of the United Kingdom’s most loved and best known accents.

On occasion, however, they do film in places that they visit such as London, Leeds and Los Angeles.

But like we said, that’s what makes their videos so entertaining to watch.

**Watch their disastrous experience going down the sandpaper slip n slide down below.**

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