What If Guys Acted Like Girls On Instagram.

What If Guys Acted Like Girls On Instagram. December 27, 2020

Ashley Hesseltine owns the blog Witty + Pretty, and she’s all about style, beauty, makeup, and travel. She’s clearly living her best life and she truly enjoys letting it all out and expressing herself on her social media accounts. But she often wondered what it’d look like if guys were to act like girls on Instagram, too. Thankfully for her, her BFF, Travis May, didn’t let her wonder for too long. Along with her crazy-fun BFF, the two of them co-founded one of the most hilarious Instagram accounts ever – Bros Being Basic. Not only are these boys major #BffGoals, but they proved time and time again that boys really know how to have fun. And we can’t help but feel #Blessed!

They’re so darn cute! These guys have a leg up on how girls bid adieu to their bachelorette days for good, and they’re not ashamed of letting their hair down!

Now this is how a girl treats herself after a bad breakup. She stands on the balcony with her striped panties and a towel wrap, and gets some fresh mountain air.

The power of three equals the power of love, and these guys forming a heart around their friend is so adorbs, it makes us want to find a few BFFs who’d be down to recreate it. Goals!

Nothing says friendship more than a group of friends who are willing to help you carry your tree out of the lot, while holding your ankle up as you pose for the ultimate Insta-selfie.

He’s all warmed up and ready to get some much-needed beauty sleep, so what are you waiting for? Come on over and bring some champagne and a face mask!

They’re airing it all out and waving unsuspecting sailors, while showing your BFFs some TLC with a hand on the cheek. If this doesn’t scream friendship, I don’t know what will!

This picnic for one might look sad for some, but how depressed can you be when you have fruits, cheese, pastries and some bubbly that you don’t have to share?

He’s serving some pregnancy realness, and the lighting from the window is just picture-perfect. It makes him look pretty maternal too which is all sorts of confusing, yet adorable, at the same time.

We think these guys can rock the manlier side of the Rockettes! But hopefully they’re wearing shorts under that Santa dress or it might get embarrassing when they kick their heels up.

You don’t care that it’s freezing outside because you have furry leggings and a floating unicorn to keep you looking oh-so Vogue.

It’s nice coming home after a long day and curling in bed. Your fins are still aching from walking around in dress shoes all week. Now you can text Ariel and give her the 4-1-1 on the human world.

Now here’s a guy who won’t ever apologize for enjoying a lonely morning run. Plus, he’s elated that there’s no traffic and he gets to be his fabulous extra self without anything looking, (or snapping pics!)

These guys are going full on Kardashian glam by giving us a hip swiveling selfie with some cute black leggings. Kudos to the one with the red hoodie. You go, missy!

Every guy deserves to look their best when they’re tanning with their besties. But don’t hate on them cause they woke up like that: flawless.

He probably has a very important get together with his boy pals at Starbucks and only 20 minutes to get a workout in before he goes. Those yoga pants do take some commitment, huh?

Wine and pizza are the emotional cure-alls for boredom on the weekend. If you’re single, don’t worry. Your bestie won’t mind coming over and chatting about boys.

He made quite a splash when he posed on the shore below this waterfall. It’s enough to make all of our tails flap with excitement.

He might be a fan of Kylie Jenner too cause he’s rocking some plumped to the max lips. Now this is how you take over Instagram! Can we double like this pic? I guess not!

All this guy needs is some Jack Daniels, a cake, some balloons, and a tutu to celebrate that he made it to the big 3-0 in one piece and as fabulous as ever.

There aren’t a lot of guys who can pull this pose in the water and look like a stunning siren who likes to lift weights under the sea. But this bro is not afraid to stay lit.